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? Vinegar cleaning

I don't like to use chemicals in the house. I currently use vinegar for an all purpose cleaner but my husband really doesn't like it. He says all he can spell is vinegar all the time.
Can I add anything to it to get rid of he smell or is there something else I can use?
Thanks ladies.
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Re: ? Vinegar cleaning

  • I don't use vinegar,my cleaner is.

    water.alcohol,mint tea or green tea and soap.

    I put a bag of tea inside of the alcohol bottle,and I use a EO all purpose soap with peppermint essence,smells great,I use this for everything. 

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  • You can add EOs like lavender, tea tree or lemon grass, all have a strong yet pleasant smell and are known to have antibacterial properties too. However, the smell of vinegar dissipates when it's dry.
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  • I use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. However, I make scented vinegar to use. I put an orange rind in a glass jar, cover it with white vinegar, and let it sit for a week. I mix this orange vinegar with water, and sometimes a splash of fresh vinegar. The orange smell is pleasant, and the orange oils leave everything looking nice.
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  • i use vinegar/water mix with a few drops of tea tree oil and or lavender oil :) i dont like a heavy vinegar smell either
  • All purpose homemade citrus enzyme cleaner. you need a jug, citrus peels, brown sugar, water, and time to let it ferment.

     Here is a link:

    Does take three months to ferment properly and you must check on it daily or every other day to make sure there isnt too much pressure (twice i've had it explode all over the kitchen.. luckily i just needed water for cleanup :) pulp everywhere however...). strain it, dilute it for each use, smells wonderful, keeps buggies away.

    good to use for veggie cleaner, floors, kitchen, bathroom, skin care, glass, laundry- truely all purpose. My favorite scent was a pineapple rind with two lemon peels- much better than vinegar. [As much as i lovelovelove vinegar, i buy the unfiltered ACV with the "mother"- pricey as it is, it only gets used for drinking/cooking now Big Smile] Hope this helps!

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