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36 Weeks Pregnant

ready for it to be all over with!

36 weeks and 6 days in been aching a lot in my thighs and vagina cant sleep contractions have been killing me dilated 1 cm and ready for this lil one to make her grand entrance!!!!!

Re: ready for it to be all over with!

  • this is where i'm at too... time is draaaaaaaagging
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  • I feel your pain! I just keep telling myself that he'll come when he's ready. I'm exactly 36 weeks and he's already 2cm dilated. Maybe it'll be sooner than later though...Good Luck!!
  • I am with you.....and to top it off I have severe round ligament syndrome and most days it kills me to even move. I am 36 weeks and don't go to the doctor till Feb 4th so we shall see. We can't wait to meet our little girl, this will be our 3rd child and last since I'm getting too old. 2 boys and a girl, perfect. Best wishes to you!!! If you ever wanna chat, look me up on FB, [email protected]
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  • 36 weeks and 3 days here and I'm totally feeling the same way! Except I'm dilated to a 2 and can't wait to have this little crazy moving guy! Good luck to you! 
  • I'm 36 weeks and have the achy groin every once in a while but find if I do my stretches ( Piriformis Stretch,
    Psoas Stretch, , pelvic tilts, it usually goes away. Hope this helps!


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    I'm also at 36 weeks. Just feel allot of pressure in my belly.  No swelling; but it seems like everything is a tremendous effort. Ready to have him as soon as safely possible.
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  • I  just turned 36 weeks today and I've had horrible round ligament pain, where it hurts so bad just to pick my legs up off the couch sometimes.  My feet and ankles are so swollen I havent worn normal shoes in almost 3 months. Plus with my gestational diabetes I have deprived myself of my summer fruits like watermelon and strawberries at night.  So ready to meet my little man!
  • Just turned 36 weeks and I have been struggling with the exact same thing.  This is my 3rd pregnancy and I can tell.  I am excited that I have a planned C-section and only have 3 more weeks.  I cannot wait.  For real!
  • I'm with ya there!!! My body has been doing a lot of prep work it seems and it's driving me bananas! I know she'll come when she's ready but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. The waiting game is making me impatient! :P 
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