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Showing already!

Any 3rd time mommies showing early or is it just me : lol I'm 8 weeks and deff have a bump!

Re: Showing already!

  • I am preg with my second and I started showing at 8 weeks with this one. I also felt movement very early, at around 11 weeks. My doctor says it is because my babies are so much larger than normal (and I am rather petite!). At least people will be more likely to smile at you, open doors, offer a seat, if they see your bump. With all the changing hormones and tiredness I'm sure you will welcome this extra special treatment. Show off your new bump!

     As for non-maternity clothes that will fit you comfortably, try Target for their long T-shirts. In your regular size they should fit you for almost your whole pregnancy. And for work clothes, Marshall's is the best. Don't be afraid to go up in size, and look for stretchy items. Just today I got a modest new corporate wardrobe (8 items) of name-brand items for under $200 by scouring the clearance rack and trying on the same thing in several sizes. At A Pea in the Pod one dress cost me more than that, and I wasn't completely satisfied with it.

     Good luck!

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