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Delivering a baby was probably the easiest thing I have ever done!

I'm 28 yo, expecting baby #1. I'm also a medical student going into OB/Gyn next year, which pretty much guarantees a rough delivery (I don't know why, just seems to work out that way).

I'd been having pre-term contractions since 29 weeks, but not dilating, and figured I would go post-dates, have to be induced, have a long and horrible labor and probably wind up with a forceps delivery.

Big surprise, my water broke at 0400 at 36 weeks and 5 days! By the time I showered, got to the hospital and in a room, it was 6am. I was barely feeling my contractions, and because I was only 2.5cm, my doctor said I could eat breakfast. Unfortunately, by the time it came I was hurting a lot, and asked for my epidural. I was terrified about getting it, because I had a lumbar puncture a few years ago and it was horrible! But it really wasn't bad- aside from the "sting and burn" of the local anesthetic, all I felt was some weird pressure in my back.

I was way more comfortable (read: I couldn't feel a thing) and managed to nap for a little while. I woke up at 10am with a lot of pressure, and was 6cm! Anesthesia came and topped off my epidural, and I was able to rest comfortably. At 12:15pm my doctor checked me and I was complete. I started pushing at 12:31pm, and after only 15 minutes, my 5# 6oz baby girl was born!

We all hear so many terrible horror stories about birth, and I'm really happy to be able to share a positive one. I came out with just a tiny little tear, which never hurt. After an hour, I was able to get up and walk around. I never needed anything stronger than ibuprofen, and that I mostly just took to keep from hurting. 

Best of luck to everyone as they prepare to welcome their new baby into the world!

Re: Delivering a baby was probably the easiest thing I have ever done!

  • Congratulations on your new LO. 
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  • Congratulations!!  I had a similar birth experience, but without the epidural.  Like you, I was scared of getting one.  When my contractions got really intense and I was in a lot of pain, I asked for one, but it was too late.  I was fully dilated and my Olivia was out in literally 3 pushes.  Giving birth doesn't have to be scary Smile
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  • Wow, that sounds like a dream story.  I am hoping and praying my delivery goes like yours.  Congrats mama!
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  • Congrats!


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  • Thank you for sharing a "good" birth story. :)


    ETA: I should have said easy, not good. Sorry.  

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  • Congrats! I hope I have a similar story to share.
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  • That is awesome! Congrats! I hate that so many people are scared because of horror stories! It doesnt have to be i just had number 4 and it was breeze matter of fact my last 3 deliveries were super easy and fast! And they were all unmedicated. I wish folks would stop scaring the new mommys
  • Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. I have given birth twice, the first with an epidural the second without (not my choice). Both of my girls were small (due to them being premature). I know their small size definitely helped delivering them vaginally.



  • Congrats!! What a great birth story!
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  • Congrats!! Mine was similar- being pretty quick, and although there was pain, it wasn't like a lot of people had made it to be. Its great hearing a positive story!

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  • Congrats!
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  • congratulations!
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  • Congratulations! So happy to hear you had a good labor and delivery experience. Best of luck in the future!
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  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • VERY refreshing to hear a good story. I'm 34 weeks and ready to pop. I HOPE and PRAY that I have a swift, uncomplicated & relatively pain-free birth. Getting a little anxious, but all will be well. :) Thx again and congraaaaaaaaaaaats!
  • My delivery with our first son was great, water broke in the middle of the night, got showered and all clean even had time to do hair and makeup lol. Contractions were not bad at all but I wasn't even 1cm when checked so I was induced......well after that, the pain was a 12 but I was so afraid to do an epidural that I had him all natural and yes it was painful all labor is but so worth it...He is now 16 and we have another boy who is 10 and after 16 hours of hard labor I had to have an emergency C Section now we are expecting our first little girl any day now and we can't be happier. Good luck to you all and best wishes.
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    Wow, that sounds like a dream story.  I am hoping and praying my delivery goes like yours.  Congrats mama!

    You want to give birth at 36 weeks? 

    Glad you had a good birth experience OP. 

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  • Congrats on your lo.  If your a med student you really should experience natural birth so you can be a good doc and actually understand what your natural birth patients are going through.  Not meant to be offensive in anyway its hard to be positive help unless you have experienced the whole ordeal without pain killers.
  • Congrats!
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