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12-24 mo. board = intimidation

So it's been a few weeks since we jumped to the Toddler board, yet every day I read a post and go "Oh no, I'm not ready for this!"  Potty training? Climbing out of cribs?  Putting sentences together?  What happened to our babies??


Re: 12-24 mo. board = intimidation

  • I'm not going there, too scary! LOL


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  • I've started posting there.  It is crazy.  Our babies are toddlers!  I don't know where the time went!
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  • Part of the reason it seems so intimidating is because it's the first board where it covers a year.  The rest have all covered only 3 months so even those who were at the top end weren't that far ahead developmentally.  There is a huge difference between 1 and 2 years!  There is a huge difference between 1 year and 18 months!  Personally I think that board should be split into two, but I digress.  Our kids aren't nearly ready for potty training, climbing out of cribs or putting sentances together.  Give them 5 or 6 months and some of them will be though!  At any rate, don't let it overwhelm you.  Go towards the posts that are where your kid is developmentally and don't worry about the other ones.

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  • It is crazy... and I don't visit that board much!

    I agree that there should be 2 boards, 12-18 and 18-24.

    I moved in with FI when SS was 18 months.. and he was walking, talking, signing. Just thinking how DS will be doing that in 6 months freaks me out. Well, let me say that it's totally exciting, and I can't wait until he can speak sentences! On the other hand, I want him to stay a snuggly sweet baby forever.

    Someone needs to tell our kiddos to stop growing up!

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  • Dd's birthday was yesterday, and I cried lol. She's been acting more toddler-ish lately anyway, and maybe it's the pregnancy hormones from little brother/sister, but after everyone left the party I cried because she's still supposed to be a baby! Now she won't even let me hold her like a baby anymore!
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  • I know...my little boy is pretty advanced for his age but still most of the posts on that board don't yet apply to him and won't for some time.

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  • I just saw the title, and I said "No, I won't be reading that for another six months." LOL.

    Potty training will happen when they are ready.

    Husband lowered their crib beds down as soon as they were standing in them.

    Talking is so much fun!

    My babies are still my babies.  :)

    Thanks, Meg..this made me smile.

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