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This isn't my normal board but I am worried about my baby. I am 26 weeks tomorrow and baby already tried to come 2 times! Once at 21 weeks and once again at 24 weeks. I know sometimes the contractions (which were visable on the monitor) can stop on their own but the Drs never gave me anything to make sure he stays put. Did any of you start to go into labor and have it stop, only to have it start again? I'm kind of wondering what my drs. are thinking? Does it seem weird to you that they arent watching this closely at all? my  next appointment isnt for 2 more weeks.... I hope this question doesnt offend anyone. You are all going through more than I can imagine. Thanks for any stories or advice 


 Sorry I wasn't very clear on this. when I say LO tried to come I mean I went to l&D and they put me on the monitors and saw active actual contractions. The first time there were a few but they were lightening up when I got there. The second time I went to L&D they were strong and at one point the monitor was showing them as close together as 2 mins. They checked me once the contractions slowed back down and I was 1 CM dilated but they didnt tell me if I was effaced or anything.  They also told me to just be on bedrest for the next 4 days after that because they didnt want me to have any more contractions. Thats the part that throws me... They saw real contractions, they saw that I was dialating but they didnt give meds they just had me lay there. There were regular timeable contractions and the Dr. said it was PTL and that they cant explain why it stopped.

My real question is has anyone been told they were in actual preterm labor, it stopped a few times but still ended up having PTL that did result in baby being born? and Does it seem weird that they are telling me they know it was real contractions and that I really was dialating but hey no worries we will see you back in the office in 3 weeks? it just doesnt sound right... I mean if I was more like 35 weeks i could see that being the case but at 25 weeks if he starts to come again then without meds that would be a big issue. Also, this is my second child so its not BH or RLP that I was having and they did say that I am carrying very low although it does not feel like he has dropped (although my first never felt like that and she was almost 9 lbs) 

Re: Question..

  • I don't think we have enough info, I am a little confused.  What do you mean she tried to come?  Were you monitored for contractions?  PTL?  If in fact they felt you were in PTL, then yes they would give you medication your contractions and monitor this closely.  If you are concerned, call and go to L&D to be checked.
  • I agree with Alice. Need more info.  Has baby dropped?  If baby hasn't dropped yet, then they likely wouldn't do anything. If you're not bleeding and your placenta and all are in tact, it makes sense not to do anything. We're these contractions in which you dilated? Or just like Braxton-hicks?

    my munchkin dropped at 24 wks! I went into labour 4 days later and when I got to the hospital I was 4cm dilated and 100% effaced.... So he was ready to go.  They kept me on bed rest and gave me drugs to stop the contractions since my water hadn't broken and he was ok.  

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  • Go to L&D if you have concern about PTL. If you do not feel like you are receiving the care that you should, push it with your doctor, find another doctor, or get a second opinion. You can also be seen by an MFM (high-risk doctor) for PTL issues.
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