I'm new to the preemies board!

I would like to share a little first.....I was over on the High risk board for months due to hypothyroidism and GD during my first pregnancy. On December 312012 I went to my scheduled NST and was told I was contracting. I was treat for dehydration and sent home. My contractions continued the next morning and we returned to L&D where I was admitted and given 3doses of procardia and a steroid shot all trying to stop contractions. My water broke 1:30 am on 1/2/13 technically I was 33weeks 1day. My Dr' s tarted me on antibiotics and put me on strict bed rest in the hopes to keep him in until I turned34 weeks. I labored until the 4 and delivered my beautiful son on January 4 at 1:45 am he weighed4 lbs11 oz and measured 18 inches long. His lungs were ok but he did need help with oxygen for 2hours. Then his billy rubin count was high so he was put under the uv light therapy for 2days. He was discharged from the NICU on Monday the14th when he would have been 35 weeks,  he was in the NICU for 10 days. He is perfect to me , just tiny. Yesterday Wednesday was our first pediatrician appointment he gained 2oz so he is now 4lbs 14 oz I guess I just wanted to share my story and introduce myself.

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