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Brag about your baby/toddler :P

We haven't done this in a while and I love hearing about what our little ones are up to :)

-DD is almost walking (I know old news for lots of babies here, but I'm proud of my little almost walker) She will take one or two steps but then she sits down.

-She has recently also learned how to go down stairs (SCARY)

-she's also doing great with the WCM transition


-Plays hide and seek and says BOO when you find her or she finds you

-knows to do "roll it and pat it out flat and toss it in the oven" of pat-a-cake

-She gives and blows kisses

-Knows where nose and eyes are (watch out for the pokes)

-Knows that doggy says "woof", even though it sounds more like BOO and that cow says moo which is also almost like boo LOL

 -Her favorite show is Nemo and she HAS to watch it with her grandma every morning. (there are those cute youtube short clips that they watch. she particulary likes the one in French.....

 That's about all I can think of.

What are your LOs up to?


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Re: Brag about your baby/toddler :P

  • DS doesn't appear to be very close to walking yet, but boy is he quick on those hands and knees! I'm looking forward to him getting his feet under him, but the crawling is so cute that I'm savoring that part too!

    He wants to do everything his big brother does and then some. He's also starting to seem jealous when we're paying more attention to or holding DS1.

    He says "HIIIIIII!" and waves. it's the most adorable thing ever. He also says "ah-too" which means "water" and "aaah-duh" while signing "all done".

    He gives kisses, but in doing so he totally head-butts the recipient. It's actually kind of painful, I had a bruised eyebrow last weekend!

    He tries to do "itsy bitsy spider" and concentrates really hard on it. It kills me.

    He is obsessed with the dishwasher and has a sixth sense that tells him when it's open. He'll bee-line on those chubby little knees over and try to climb in. He's very very persistent at this. Once he discovers theres an open dishwasher, you're pretty much done loading/unloading it till he can be effectively restrained or distracted.

  • Down the stairs? Crazy! I get nervous when she goes up, I cant image going down...

    Ana walks like a pro

    She is now able to push the button on her 4wheeler and drive until she hits a wall and then cries for us to move the steering wheel. LOL. (She wasnt strong enough to push the botton before.)

    She gives "High Fives"

    She will "cheers" her bottle/sippy cup (when you least expect it) against your full glass of red wine and then take a sip of her drink

    She drops stuff and says uh ohhhhhh

    And my favorite! She dances to the Chicken Dance - we listen to that song ALL the time.


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  • I love reading these!  So cute:)

    My favorite...she says "ooooooooooohhhmygod" constantly.

    She also says mom-mom, daddy, hi, beebee (for our dog Beefy), baby, and bacon.  My older daughter's nickname is Bullock and I finally discovered this is how she says Bullock.  She always calls out Bacon to her, haha.

    She is not walking yet, and cries if she accidentally finds herself standing.  But she loves to crawl with her right leg up and pushing herself very rapidly with her foot...sort of a crab crawl.  It is freakishly fast.

    She eats anything as long as it is not a puree or on a spoon.  Finger foods only.  She even likes sushi and sashimi.

    She is obsessed with Apple commercials, especially the one for the mini.  She loves the piano on it.  I bought her a little baby grand for christmas that she loves.

    She likes to point out eyes, ears, nose, hair, tongue and belly. 

    If I tell her, "It rubs the lotion on its skin or  it gets the hose again", she will rub her belly.  Yeah, I'm twisted like that:)


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  • lp0lp0 member

    I love reading these :)

     Ds took his first steps the day before his birthday and is running everywhere now. He loves being chased and loves chasing you.  He cracks up hysterical laughing while he's doing it too lol.

    We got him a rocking horse, well actually it's a blue dog, but he climbs on, holds on to the handles and rocks back and forth like crazy all by himself.

     He has this giant toy gumball machine and knows how to put the toy balls in the top and push the level for them to roll out. He dances along with the music every time. 

    He has a new dance move now and he will rock out to the tiniest bit of music or singing. He used to rock back and forth but now he sways his little hips back and forth and shakes his butt. It's so funny!

    He says ma ma but that's about it. If you ask him to say da da he consistently says ba ba. He makes a fish face and no sound comes out every time you ask him to say something new, it's really cute! 

    He knows where your nose and mouth are and is obsessed with lifting your shirt to stick his finger in your belly button. 

    He points and waves at everyone, including the dogs. We can't go more than five feet in a store without people falling all over him. 

    "Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it the more it will elude you but if u turn your attention to other things it will come & sit softly on your shoulder."

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  • DS

    - free stands, but then realizes he's doing it and grabs onto something

    - says kitty (more of a 'khi-khi' sort of hiss) whenever he sees the cats, dog, or dad

    - says mama

    - high fives dad, but mostly just for the slapping noise

    - opens the dog kennel and has gotten the dog to roll over for him (she refuses to do it for DH or me)

    - starts crawling away from you very quickly when you stomp your feet and say "I'm going to get you." This one amused my dad when he found that DS likes to play "tag."

    We haven't yet "baby-proofed" the house yet, but this weekend it needs to happen.  DH is tired of having opened cabinets with which to bump his shins.

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  • Oh these are so cute! We have such smart babies!!!

    DD also says HI all the time. She's very friendly at the store and greets everyone, too. If you don't say hi back, she gives you the stink eye lol

    And how could I forget to say that she says kitty, doggy and daddy, too :)

    Oh and she knows how many times to hit buttons on her toys to play a certain song and she loves to dance! :)

    She also loves sports! Basketball, hockey and football are her faves. You can imagine the proud father lol


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  • Oh my, so many things I want to teach DS after reading these.

    He says "uh-oh" and drops things.  The uh-oh may come either before or after said drop.  

    He says "ba" (bye) and waves to people when they're leaving.

    When I say kiss he leans in and puts his nose on my lips.

    He claps when he makes a toy work.

    He walks EVERYWHERE.  I mean he hardly plays with his toys.  He just walks in circles around the house all day!  He often picks up a small hand-held sized toy to carry with him and chew on every now and then.

    He learned how to turn his Fisher Price Seahorse on using only his mouth (yes, that is raw talent right there).

    He stops and does downward dogs every now and then while walking (purposefully)...pretty impressive balance for a baby if you ask me!  

    Loves to play chase.  As soon as I get in crawling position and stomp my hands he's off!  He also loves it when I scare him, hiding around the corner. 


  • Brooke:

    She is crawling! Brooke crawls really slow and takes her sweet time. One body at a time.

    She blows kisses and loves to kiss my belly. 

     Her diabetes is under control!

    Says Hi and Bye  

    Really likes her toes and will say toes every time she sees one.  


    She is crawling as well. She is speedy! There has been lots of running to catch her. 

    She hates kisses right now but is very into her hugs 

    Her A1C was perfect at one year post diagnosis

     Says Hiiiiii and Bye 

    She does baby yoga in her crib 

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  • today is his 1st birthday!

    he walks everywhere. he's been walking since right before Christmas

    he's discovered clapping. he just runs around the house clapping and laughing.

    he's getting really good at throwing a ball and will try to throw it towards your hands.

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  • DD was a 9 month walker, so now she's gaining speed and trying to run. This girl wears me out!

    She climbs on and off the couch. She tries to climb the stairs, too.

    She took to WCM right away, chugging. We're down to nursing 2-3 times a day, bittersweet.

    She's starting to play peek-a-boo her self and says "ah nanana?" when doing it. (Where's Anna?)

    Blows kisses

     Calls for Mama, Dada, and O (her big brother) 

    The big one, naps are averaging past the 45 min. mark, finally!!

     Feeds herself crackers (more of a milestone for me because I'm a paranoid worrier about choking. I don't think I gave DS crackers to self feed for a few more months) 

    If only she could master the night time sleep and drop that last nursing session, I'd be in toddler heaven! 

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  • I read these and really wonder if my kid's 'normal' even though I know there is no such thing.

    DD just started crawling about 3 weeks ago

    climbs up one stair and gets stuck

    waves bye bye

    signs more, please, milk, eat, and all done

    pees and poops on the potty about 50% of the time

    crawls towards a toy if I throw a dog toy

    that's about it?? 

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  • Love this!

    *High Fives, blows kisses, waves, says bye bye, knows a cow says moo (but also thinks a sheep says moo, a doggie says moo, etc, lol) Very wet open mouth kisses, watch out for the tongue! LOL

    *Walking VERY clumsily, but still crawls to get somewhere quickly, lol

    *Is FEARLESS! She is not afraid of anything, and although she get's a lot of bumps and scrapes being that way, I can't help but admire it about her!

    *Has finally started braving some grown-up food, but only thinks the stuff on mommy's plate looks good. And I have to pretend I don't want her to eat it before she starts wanting it! Hard-headed little thing :)

    Good grief, I am so in love with her, it takes my breath away! :)

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