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Any Schofield ladies love to meet some of you !
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  • We just left Hawaii - I miss it Crying DH wasn't at Schofield, but we lived nearby, so I went there a lot for stuff.

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  • We'll be there at the end of next year!! YAY!! Looking to live in KBay though. 
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  • My husband's actually stationed at mcbh but I always get excited yo see ladies by me lol. As a born and raised local though have you looked into housing closer? Kbays where I live it can take up to an hour and a half to get there normally not that long like 45 minutes to an hour but its a possibility. The area over here id by all means way nicer but the commute would suck. Its funny were all so used to marines and we know the nearest army base is atleast thirty minutes away everytime we see a soldier were like huh? Good luck looking for a house.
  • i wish we moved to k bay we are in ewa but its not to bad down here actually!
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  • Hi Inbrooks09! My husband is stationed at Schofield...we live closer to downtown tho. Are you new here?
  • i live in schofield. :) im haley nice to meet you
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