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OBGYNs and Hospitals in Boulder County

My husband and I just moved to Lafayette, CO in Boulder County recently & just found out that I am pregnant. I made an appointment at with the Women's Health Group w/ Dr. Kimberly Hayes here in Lafayette. Does anyone know if she is good or know anything about her or this group. Are there any suggestions for doctors in this area?

 Also, how is the hospital in Lafayette --- the Exempla Good Samaritan?

 Thanks for any feedback!


Re: OBGYNs and Hospitals in Boulder County

  • Hi welcome to the area. I also see the women's health group. I haven't seen Dr Hayes yet as she recently joined the practice after my usual doc moved to another state so I have no input on her specifically but I have been generally happy with their office and care I have received. I appreciate that they are a smaller group with only 4 doctors. I also have no personal experience with Good Sam's LD but have heard good things. My insurance give me much better rates if I go to an Exempla facility but I have also heard very good things about Avista which would also be very close to you. Good luck to you.
  • I actually am a nurse at Good Sam.  I recommend delivering the baby at Good Sam but have heard bad things from the group that goes there, Women's Heath Group.  A handful of women told me not to go to them and even an anesthesiologist told me I was wise to cancel my appt and switch doctors.  I switched to Avista Women Care and have seen both Dr. Moeller and Dr Long and both are very good.  Many nurses at Good Sam actually see them as their doctor.  They deliver out of Avista hospital though and not Good Sam but the hospitals are very close to each other.  Avista is a good hospital for deliveries but that is about it.   If you are sick then go to Good Sam but Avista is a good baby hospital. Hope this helps you.
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  • I plan on delivering at Good Samaritan. I have one friend who delivered there, an emergency Csection, and all went smoothly no complaints from her.
  • We live in Thornton, but go to the Women's Health Group and will be delivering at Exempla Good Samaritan. There's a Women's Health Group here in Thornton/Northglenn, but I knew I wanted to give birth at Good Sam because of all the reviews I've heard about it.

    I usually Dr. Eastman-Gallo at the Women's Health Group, but saw Dr. Hayes the last time we were there since Dr. Eastman-Gallo wasn't available and it was right after Christmas. I thought Dr. Hayes was nice but for us seemed like she was trying too hard to be friendly. Some people think that Dr. Eastman-Gallo isn't very friendly at all, but I think it's more that she's to the point and doesn't try to sugar coat anything. That's more our style. You do have the option to try out the 4 different doctors there even though you make your first appt with one, so that might be a good way to meet them all and see which one you like best. They do introduce you to all the doctor's there at some point just in case your normal doc isn't available when you do actually go into labor.

  • I delivered my first at Exempla Good Sam and could not have been happier. At that time I had kiaser insurance. My insurance has since changed and so I initially searched for a new OB in the louisville/Lafayette area which had rights at Exempla.

    I actually was unable to find an OB that was both board certified and had good patient ratings.   Though, I have only had one appointment so far,  I ended up choosing Dr Carole Christiansen at the Boulder Medical Center  in the Avista hospital medical park-  and she was excellent. I am disappointed I will not be delivering at a baby friendly hospital, however I am extremely relieved to have found a doctor of which I liked so much. 

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