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Kids at OB/GYN appointment?

Do you/would you bring your child(ren) to an OB/GYN office? If so, is there an age cut off that you wouldn't bring them after (i.e. not after 5)?

 I ask because at my OB appointment today, there was a woman who brought her 3 children with her (2 teen daughters and a 9 to 11 year old boy). She wasn't visably pg, and one of the girls went back with her, so I don't know if it was an appointment for her or the daughter. Anyway, the boy was a complete brat! He was running up and down the hallway outside the office, and in the office he was walking around and kept peering into the receptionist area and even opened the door that leads to the exam rooms.  When I was checking out, he was standing maybe 2 inches to from me and kept looking into the receptionist area. It was really uncomfortable! I think the receptionist was getting annoyed too. 

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Re: Kids at OB/GYN appointment?

  • That is pretty annoying! Some parent's kids... ha 


    I don't know when I would stop bringing my child/children with me. I try to leave DD at home with DH or bring both of them. But I have had to bring DD with me a few times, she is 2. She sits in the chair and eats a snack or whatever while I'm visiting with the OB.

    I guess, it's always best to leave them home if possible. But I understand it's not easy always finding someone to stay home with the kiddos. I guess it's better to have an annoying kid in the waiting room than out in the car? lol  

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  • I have only taken DS to my a/s with dh. He also had our iPad in case he was bored but we wanted him to see the baby and he did not have school that day. He is 4. 

    I have also taken him to my dietician appointments and he is excellent.  

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  • I don't really have a problem with young children at the appoinment (maybe the parent didn't have child care, wanted to bring them, whatever), but thought this child was definitely a little too old to be there, not to mention his bratty behavior. The mom didn't say anything to him either.
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  • I've brought my 19 month old, but only when DH came. I really don't think the age matters, but the behavior of the kid. I would have been annoyed by the kid running around, but there a lot of people that don't have child care options.
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  • I work part time and SAH the rest with DD.  If the doctor can't get me in on the days I work and C is in daycare then she comes with me.  

    I actually just got into a fight with the scheduling department last time because no one under the age of 9 is allowed in the u/s room and they couldn't get me in on a day when DD had childcare provided.  We live hundreds of miles away from all family so there is literally no one to watch her.  I told them well she either comes with me or I don't get an u/s because there is nothing else I can do.  They were very bitchy about it but they got me scheduled on a day she has daycare.

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  • I wouldn't bring kids that old with me if they couldn't be trusted to sit quietly and wait. They are probably old enough to stay home. I take DD with me sometimes now but she is 2.5 and just sits with snacks while the Dr. checks me.
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  • I don't think I would have a problem taking my older kids to the appointment but by the age of 9 they should know how to act in public and I would be absolutlly mortified if that would have been my child. I guess it depends on the kids. I would never take my 2 year old because my appointments always seem to take 1-1.5 hours. There is no way I could keep her occupied at an "adult" office for that long. 

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  • I took my 14 year old DD and 12 year old DS to an appointment, so they could hear the baby's heartbeat.  It really had a huge impact on my daughter bonding with with her new sibling.  We have such a huge gap in our family, I wanted my older kids to be more connected to their new sibling....and it worked!  My daughter even recorded the heartbeat on her phone to play for her friends.

    Although the woman didn't look pregnant, maybe that was the case?  Did she take them in with her or just leave them unattended in the waiting room?

    If you ask me, it's the behavior of the kids that matters.  My children know to sit and read a magazine if waiting for any doctor's appointment (their pediatrician, dentist, etc.) A boy that age should know how to behave!

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  • I brought DD and DH to the first appointment. Other than that I try to avoid it. She is at times a hot mess. But I know there will be times it is unavoidable.

    I don't think age matters. They keep you super covered up at my OB.


  • Since I homeschool, my daughter who is 10 years old goes to all my appointments with me.   IF she can not go in with me, which we usually know in advance (like for ultra sounds or "internal" exams) she brings a purse with her 3DS, a magazine and some paper and colored pencils.   She knows how to act while alone and I have never had any problem with her.   I know she is not the norm as I have seen so many kids even in the presence of their parent(s) act like complete brats.  

    When she goes in the room with me she is her normal silly self but she is respectful and polite.
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  • imagesurpriseaddition:


    Although the woman didn't look pregnant, maybe that was the case?  Did she take them in with her or just leave them unattended in the waiting room?

    If you ask me, it's the behavior of the kids that matters.  My children know to sit and read a magazine if waiting for any doctor's appointment (their pediatrician, dentist, etc.) A boy that age should know how to behave!

    She took the eldest daughter back, but left the middle daughter and son in the waiting room, which didn't seem fair to the other daughter since he wasn't listening to her.

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  • I think it's nice to involve children and maybe let them see the scan take place. It would be uncomfortable if they were uncontrollable though.

    No other types of Appointments just scans.

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  • If I have any early OB appointments (before 9am) I take my 4 year old. I always bring things to keep her occupied and she comes back with us to see the u/s which she loves. My ob doesn't mind and I have seen other moms bring kids. 

  • I've taken DS1, he's 18 mos, but DH has gone to every appt and was able to sit with him while I got checked out or had an U/S. I'm not sure how I will handle appts going forward that DH can't make.
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  • No I do not bring my children to appts, it is not a place for children.  I did bring LO to my 6 week PP check up as I was BF'ing, other than that he has never been.
  • I'm going to take a view on this one that may be controversial. If it is at all possible I would try to leave kiddos with a family member or schedule during daycare etc. Some of the hardest moments of my life were walking out to a waiting room full of LO's after being told I had miscarried. Just something to think about.

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