And we're crawling!!!

Just wanted to give a quick Adalyn update!  She started crawling last Friday, and it's amazing how much faster she is getting every day!  She does a weird kind of crawl, where she puts one of her feet flat on the ground and the other one is more on her shins, so it's strange.  I guess my little girl doesn't want any knee bruises! She is also pulling herself up to standing ALL THE TIME, and now will let go with one hand and try to balance with one hand.  When she pulls herself up on us (when we're lying on the floor with her), she will even let go of both of her hands (for a split second) before she realizes that she doesn't have the balance and grabs on to us again.  I can't believe that she'll be turning 1 in less than 3 weeks!

The other development is that she has started refusing pureed foods and will only eat "real" food.  She'll eat cheerios, and chicken/turkey/pasta, etc, that we're having for dinner, but only if she can pick it up and put it in her mouth.  If I try to feed her anything out of a jar (including yogurt), she will eat a couple of spoonfuls and then shuts her mouth tight.  


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