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Is anyone having any trouble with biting? DD has started biting us as a way of either getting out frustration or if she is hungry, tired, crabby, over excited... I'm hoping this is just a passing phase but I'm having trouble diciplining. The first time she bit me so hard and it was so unexpected. Yelling OUCH! I gave her a little smack on the butt, cried and hugged her at the same time :(. It hurt so bad!!! We are learning to avoid being bitten but I don't want her to bite any one elses children so I have to put a stop to this. I would like to avoid spanking but she needs to understand that it hurts and is not acceptable. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks

Re: Biting!!!!!!!!

  • He doesn't bit often but when he does, it hurts!

    Today he bit my stomach or all places. It ended up breaking my skin and it hurt so bad I jumped and screamed which scared him to death.

    I honestly don't think he's doing it intentionally and it's very rare that he even does it. My screams probably scare him from doing it!


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