Nap longer?

my 34 weeker is around 14 weeks actual and I'm having a tough time with his lack of napping.  He seems to sleep for 15 min here and there.  Sometimes itll be 30 min but rarely.  I asked the babysitter yesterday if she thought he would eventually fall into a more predictable schedule and she said she doubted it.

Originally I had thought it was just because he's still young but now I'm wondering if I'm nap doomed forever. Does anyone have an advice?

(He sleeps well at night 8-5 or 6 with 1 wake for feedings)

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Re: Nap longer?

  • I am going through the same thing currently. My DS is close to 9 weeks adjusted. He has only slept maybe an hour and a half total this entire day. Wouldn't be soooo bad if it weren't for the fact that when he is awake, he fusses unless you are walking around with him constantly. He does not like any of our carriers or his swing any more lately. Needless to say I get very tired and overwhelmed during the day when I hardly get a chance to sit down and eat anything or go to the bathroom. Today was very tough! Cried right along with him at one point! Good luck to you...sorry I have not advice, just know you're not alone.
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  • DD was just coming home at 2 mos adjusted, but it seems like she slept a lot around that time. We didn't start having real sleep problems until about 2 mos ago, so far no relief so I don't have any advice other then just try all the tricks and hopefully something will work. We swaddled, rocked, played lullabies, white noise, used the bed time lotions and the bath at nights, and a whole bunch of other tricks. I'm not a fan of the CIO method, but that's the only thing left for us to try, so as much as I absolutely hate it, that's what we are trying. Hope you get some relief soon. I know how stressful not being able to sleep is.
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