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Do you microwave WCM?

Just curious if you zap it or if you treat it like BM and use the bottle warmer? Also are you buying organic WCM or just regular?

I bought organic first and DD didn't like it. Then I tried a different kind (not organic) and she's much better with it. She actually had some for dinner last night.  wootwoot

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Re: Do you microwave WCM?

  • DS drinks organic wcm. He drinks it cold right out of the fridge.
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  • right now DD drinks WCM mixed with formula (until the formula is gone).  I've been microwaving it, but I keep reducing the time by 5 seconds until she gets used to drinking it cold. 
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  • I buy organic, but I'm probably more crazy about organic stuff than the average person. I only warm the milk if I am giving it to her in the middle of the night. In that case I zap it.

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  • Thanks ladies!

    DD drank hers fine cold at dinner but when I mix it woth formula she does like that room temp so I zap it.

    But somehow I feel guilty that I didn't try organic again as if I'm harming her :/

    I'll try again later maybe but for now this one brand seems to be the one working for her... She won't grow another toe right? ;P hahaha


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  • If you found something she enjoys keep using it! You can always try switching it to another type once she more accustomed to wcm.
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  • If she's drinking it from a sippy cup then it's cold from the fridge.  From her bottle it's warmed up because she's used to warm milk from a bottle.  She only takes 6 ounces out of the bottle a day though, the rest is from a sippy, so most of it is cold.

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  • No microwaving here, but DS is used to cold beverages. We also get generic WCM, not organic. No problems so far. He's still BF, so he mainly gets WCM during meals and when I'm not home sometimes for bedtime. Not really pushing him to wean although he's drinking more water during the day than he is breastfeeding.
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  • lp0lp0 member
    I'm not sure if its organic but it has no added growth hormones in it. If I'm giving it to him to go down I zap it to take the chill out. If its with a meal or snack then I give it to him cold out of the fridge. He doesn't seem to have a preference.
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  • Yup, we micro it. He won't drink it cold. We've tried.

    I zapped BM too, if it wasn't straight from the tap, it was frozen. Probably seen as a no-no, but oh well. DS survived.

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  • Thanks everyone!

    DD will drink WCM cold if it's out of a sippy and with dinner. (Which has been going great btw, I'm so happy)

    But she does like it warmer with the formula especially for her night bottle. So I've been zapping it.

    And I don't feel as bad anymore about it not being organic. It does say on there it's all natural without stuff/hormones added so that's basically kind of like organic. :P

    I'm just glad it's working and I really do believe that this is the last tub of formula we are working on. I think we can do it :):)

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