Need suggestions regarding food

DD is on all table foods now, but even when she was on pur?e she is not a huge fan of fruits. But I could at least "hide" them by mixing with veggies. She basically refuses any pur?e now, and also wants to feed herself....fiesty as ever! It's not a texture thing she will eat applesauce, mashed potatos, yogurt, etc. I offer her different types of fruits on a daily basis, but she just picks at them. I just want to make sure she is getting a balanced diet. Any suggestions? Any other mamas have this problem? She is gaining fine and eating meats and veggies fine, I know it's probably a phase but I am a mom and a worrier! Lol TIA ladies! 
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Re: Need suggestions regarding food

  • Ha! Thanks ladies, I figured it wasn't a big deal but didn't want to run the risk of scarring my child for life, lol. She does still get most of her nutrition from a mix of BM and neosure. That is too funny about the green goldfish!

    As far as reflux, we thought she had some issues when she was a few months, she was arching and grunting while eating, would refuse bottles and would randomly projectile whole feedings, so she was put on meds. But we went away one weekend and I forgot it... Insert horrible mommy feeling here... And she had no issues so pedi had us stop all together and she never had a single symptom since. She was on it for maybe a month and that was about 6 or so months ago. But that is an interesting point, because most fruits are higher in acidity.
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  • Like PPs have said its not her main source of nutrition right now but I would continue to offer different varieties of fruits that have different flavors and textures. 
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