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Postpartum Depression

Meds While Breastfeeding

I have a history of depression, but went off my meds for this pregnancy. I've done ok, but it's been hard. I am well aware that I will most likely need to go back on something after LO's arrival. I am ok with that if it's what is best for me and my baby. However, I really want to BF. I'm not totally comfortable taking meds while bf'ing because I don't really know a lot about it admittedly. Wondering what meds you ladies have decided to take, and if you still bf. I'm also not sure if I should try to 'tough it out' for lack of a better phrase, bf med free for a few months, and then go on meds and FF?

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  • I took zofran (didn't work for me) and switched to lexapro while bf-ing DD. Both were approved by my OB, PCP and psychiatrist.

    There's no point in "toughing it out" when there are plenty of safe options for you to try. It's better for you to be mentally healthy. 

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  • My psychiatrist sent me to another psychiatrist that specializes in women's health. That doctor explained to me that between 7-17% of the medication (I take 100mg of Pristiq) will come through in my breast milk. She said that the possible side effect in the baby is liver problems that would be fixed if I went off the medication, and said that our pediatrician will need to monitor the baby's liver. I decided to stay on my meds while pregnant and am heavily leaning towards staying on while nursing.

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  • I tried to tough it out with DD. When I finally went on Prozac, I was sad that I didn't go on it sooner. The first several months of her life were a nightmare. I wasn't a good mother. Breastfeeding is possible with most of the drugs. You just have to find the right one. The benefits often outweigh the risks.

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  • I developed Ppd after my DD was a few weeks old. My OB prescribed Celexa/Citalopram, its worked great for me. And safe for me to BF. Hasn't had any negative outcome for either of us. I dont recommend toughing it out. Sounds risky.  The amount of meds that will be in your milk are very small. 
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