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Hi all! I am new to the bump and forums/posting/ all this fun stuff. I am almost 7 weeks pregnant with our first (due around 9/5) and we are set to PCS back stateside in June. We are currently in the UK and are counting down the days until we get back. We are hoping for orders out of little creek/dam neck, VA (will know first week of feb). Is anyone there? How do you like it? Also where would I be seen for OB appts and where would I deliver? We also want to live on base, but heard lincoln military housing is absolutely horrible. Any tips/advice??
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Re: Navy wives?

  • I'm not there DH is hoping to get stationed there eventually but, I think Lincoln Military Housing is a different experience for everyone. I didn't really have any problems with them when we lived on base in 29 but, friends of ours are ready to throw in the towel on their base house and move out in town. They've had their water heater replaced 3 times since December. Each time they replace it with a used unit that breaks in a matter of weeks. Since living on base we've found we just prefer to live out in town. There are plenty of houses for us to choose from that are the same size or larger and cost less than our BAH utilities, Internet, and cable included.
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  • DH is stationed on a ship out of Norfolk and we live in Va Beach.  I've never lived in Navy housing anywhere, so I can't comment on it. 

    I see a civilian OBGYN in Va. Beach and when we TTC #2 later this year I will deliver at Sentara Princess Anne if we are still around at that point.

    If you have Prime you will deal with Naval Medical Center Portsmouth.  I've never been there, but multiple friends have had good birth experiences there.



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  • My H is stationed out of Norfolk and we live in Chesapeake.  We bought a house here and never went into housing, but I deal with housing a lot with my position I have.  Lincoln Military Housing here has had a ton of mold problems somewhat recently, and I do hear a lot of complaints about it, but there are also a lot of people happy with it.  Since this area is so heavily concentrated with military there are tons of private housing options, including apartments, townhouses, and single family homes that are all within BAH ranges.  There are literally new listings popping up everyday, so you would have plenty of options for housing.  

    As for an OB, I have Standard and go to a civilian office, and will deliver in Chesapeake.  As PP said with Prime you would go to Portsmouth.  I have heard great things about their labor & delivery, but personally wanted to go civilian.   

  • I delivered at Portsmouth in 2011 and had all my appointments there. I saw a different provider at each appointment and it's a challenging place to park because it's so busy. Delivery and post delivery was fantastic...very good care and nice facilities.
  • My hubby just left the Navy....but I still lurk here, sorry!

    We were at Oceana in VB and if you see a civilian Dr., I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bertolino at Sentera Leigh. She is simply amazing! 

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  • We used to live in that area.  The base housing on Little Creek looks really nice and I like the commissary there.  There's plenty to do in the area with kids: aquarium, zoo, botanical gardens, etc.  If NMC OB department isn't full, switch to standard and have your baby at DePaul.  I had two kids at Portsmouth and while my experience with DD1 was fine, DD2's was awful.  The nurses are inattentive and there are too many residents.
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  • We live in Norfolk,but we are renting out our house and moving to Texas? HubbY is navy? You will deliver your baby at Portsmouth Naval Hospital?
  • Thank you everyone for the advice. I will definitely look into all of those options. I just hope we get orders soon!! I am tired of waiting lol
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  • We don't live in the area, but close and have friends. Stationed on ships out there and the housing is ok but not great, but the newer housing is actually really nice but it's difficult to get into the new houses.
  • imageNavyPilotWife:
    The nurses are inattentive and there are too many residents.

    I would totally agree with this. I delivered there as well, and because nothing went 'wrong' during my delivery/recovery (for which I am, of course, thankful!) I pretty much fell through the cracks, and they sometimes forgot to follow up with me... I would have to remind them of the times I should be getting medications, and seeing new residents every shift got tiring.

    Additionally, there are a fair amount of double rooms- I was in a single, but I saw a bunch of women with room mates.

    So... although NMCP was fine, I think that next time around I would go Standard and deliver at a facility that isn't quite such a baby mill.

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