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Party favors

Sorry if this has been asked already and I missed it...

Are you doing party favors for your LOs birthday and what are those?

I'm having a hard time deciding how to go about it. It's a smaller group of people with one baby girl DD's age, a 5 month old boy, a 3yo 7yo and 10yo boy...

Did you do favors for everybody, just for kids etc?


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Re: Party favors

  • I personally always think that edible favors are the best (who wants more random crap in their house?). We are doing that for the adults and older kids, then Im burning some CDs with Z's favorite songs. I figure the parents of his friends can take these if they want, plus we have some preggo guests so Im hoping they will take them too.
  • We didn't do favors at our's but we also just had a small group of family and one friend with a boy DS's age. I figured they wouldn't know any better. You could go to the dollar section at Target for the older kids or something. I wouldn't spend a lot of time stressing about it, I don't know that kids care too much :) have fun at the party our's was so much fun and went by fast!
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  • I did glow sticks and that was it.  If I would have time I would have made cookies.  I'm kind of clueless when it comes to party favors though because I can never remember my mom doing any sort of party favor bag for any birthday party.  To me feeding them food and drinks should be my gift to them...I'm going to be my kids's friends worst mom....

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  • I wouldn't bother with such a small group of kids.  If you feel it's absolutely necessary, is there a small/affordable board book to go with the theme of the party?  We did a game and I found the prize (foam board book) at Jo-Ann in the dollar section and used a 50% coupon.  The total cost of the game was under $1.00 for the prize and piece of poster board.
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  • For Cordelia's party we will have about 8-10 kids 6 months to 10 years old.  I am buying them all a book and made snowman bookmarks for them to each take home.  So each book was for each age.  I went to a few stores to buy books that were fairly cheap, from $1 to $4 each.

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  • We had about 50 people (12 kids). It was a winter one-derland theme, so for the adults we did hot chocolate on a stick (Pinterest, easy) and for the kids we found various penguin things (bouncy balls, jumpropes, stickers) from the Target $1 section and also had candy from the pinata. For the really little ones we did snowman bibs and some pouches of baby food or baby cookies.
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  • I wouldn't worry too much about it. I agree with PP, I hate having small random toys around the house (like happy meal toys!). That being said, our family always does a pinata and candy bags (I'm sure all the parents love us!) at birthday parties. And just because I thought it would be lots of fun my sister, niece, and I are making lace crowns and mustaces for DD's birthday on Saturday. I'm not really calling it a party favor, but the kids can take one home if they like. I'm actually super excited to make the crowns tomorrow!!


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    We only had two little boys, 4 and 2 1/2, at the party other than ds so I didn't do favors. I did pick up a package of these little dinosaur figures at Walmart for a dollar and give them those to play with. It worked well since it was a dinosaur themed party.
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  • I don't think favors are necessary - and was a bit surprised when I realized all of my students had them at their birthday parties.  We never did when we were kids.

    However, we are giving out a favor at DD's party this week, but only because it ties into our decorations.  I'm doing a balloon theme, and am buying a large bunch of mylar balloons.  I figure I'll give each kiddo a balloon on their way out the door.   

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  • I didn't really want to do party favors, but we settled on giving each child a cookie which is decorated like a cupcake (the party's theme), in a cute little bag, with a personalized sticker.

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