So mad about synagis/insurance

So my insurance approved 2 doses (jan/feb) which made me annoyed already.  Today the pharmacy calls to tell me the coverage, they cover 80% once the pharm deductible is met, well thats 5000!  Each shot is 2900, so I feel like they only approved the 2 because then they have to start paying as well. 

Thankfully we got the synagis copay plan where they cover 2000 a year which is wonderful and I have a flex account!  It's so sad that it's so hard to get a shot that could help prevent LO having to be hospitalized if they get rsv.

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Re: So mad about synagis/insurance

  • I am glad our kids were
    approved too but we still have to pay a pretty big deductible x2. My husband and I joke that their Christmas presents were synergis shots and their helmets.
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