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The Wait Begins

Tomorrow is the application deadline for open enrollment and full day kindergarten for the district that we open enroll to (DD#1 is in full day kindy and DD#2 is in the PreK Program).  I know she will get a spot in the district as we are at the top of the list due to DD#1 already being in the school and DD#2 being in the PreK class but that does not guarantee us a spot in full day kindy.  I got lucky last year with DD#1 and they ended up opening a second full day class but I still know some that didn't get it.  I sooo want DD#2 to have full day kindy next year (PreK is full day now).  If she doesn't get it they have another option to cover the full day, I just don't think it gives the kids the same opportunities/experience as the full day kindy class. 

Deadline for applications is tomorrow and they say you will hear starting Feb 15th although last year, letters started going out sooner.  Fingers crossed!

Jenni Mom to DD#1 - 6-16-06 DD#2 - 3-13-08 

Re: The Wait Begins

  • So nerve-wracking!  Hope it works out for DD#2!
    High School English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 12th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 7th grade
  • I know how that feels.   I am going to try to get DS2 into PreK3.  His brother & sister will be at the same school and he gets priority, but there is that we don't find out until the Thursday before school starts...

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