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Working mom is missing her baby

I went back to work when Lily was 7 weeks old. Now that she is 14 weeks I miss my baby more than ever. She just rolled to her side while sleeping two days ago. I don't want to miss her milestones but working is getting in the way. I wish I could stay home with her but my husband insists that I work. I wish I could keep breastfeeding her, but pumping at work got so stressful for me that I stopped at 12 weeks. Anyone else out there who is going through the same thing?

Re: Working mom is missing her baby

  • I went back to work when Mackenzie was 6 weeks old.  I only work 25 hours a day, and I am off one day a week (usually Monday). 

    I have yet to find a day care, so for the moment my mom watches her 3 days a week and my husband has off on Fridays (for her first year as his FMLA).

    I do not want to miss a thing either, but I have to work even if it is only part time.

    I came home the other day and my mom was showing me that she was almost crawling by pushing off of my mom's hands.  I would love to be a stay at home mom, but I am actually looking for full time work and not looking forward to it.

    One Happy Momma
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  • I know you haven't been breastfeeding for a bit but if it's something you want to resume contact La Leche League and get help setting up a plan so that you can continue. I'm not sure if the stress with pumping is that you don't have time or you're not producing enough but both of those can be worked around. If you done with breastfeeding and don't want to continue know that, that is a valid choice also. I'm very pro breastfeeding, but I know that when my kids are in kindergarten there is no one will be able to tell if a child received formula or breastmilk.

    When my first was born I had been going back to school, but taken the semester he was due off. My husband really pushed for me to go back to school the following semester. In my heart I really didn't want to go back at that time but I ended up going. I had a really rough time and ended up really struggling emotionally. It got to the point where I threw a fast food cup of soda across the kitchen, I was crying and hysterical over getting a C on a test and I was thinking it would be nice just to be dead so I wouldn't have to feel all this pain. I just felt trapped. I finally took advantage of the counseling on campus and it really helped me to feel better about the whole situation.

    I also went to counseling after the birth of my DD, when she was about 4 months old. I felt myself starting to be so angry with my DH and short tempered with my son that I knew I needed help getting my head on straight again. For me the immediate post partum period isn't when I need help it's around the 4 to 7 month period. My DD is now 7 months and my counselor has released me from care. If you feel like working is putting you in a dark place please get some help. Having an outside person to talk to can help a lot.

    Finally when I was so stressed out and going back to school I ended up co sleeping with my DS. It allowed me to get more sleep since I didn't have to get up to do middle of the night feedings and cuddling with him at night helped me not to feel so bad about not being with him during the day. This may not work for your family but I encourage you to find what does and do it, even if it isn't what everyone else is doing.
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