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Ft. Bragg/Fayetteville Area: Birthing Centers/Midwives

Hi Everyone!


My husband, our 8 year old daughter and I moved to the area about 1 1/2 months ago and found about about to 2 weeks ago that I am pregnant. 

I would really like to give birth at a birthing center or have a home birth. Does anyone have any recommendations for birthing centers or midwives in the area?

Re: Ft. Bragg/Fayetteville Area: Birthing Centers/Midwives

  • I'm in the area but didn't pursue either of those options.  If you go with a hospital birth, we really liked Cape Fear, and they've redone the room that you stay in afterwards, so it's really nice. 

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  • Thanks! I checked them out and it seems really nice. I would prefer not to have a hospital birth but am pretty sure if I do it will be at Cape Fear. Big Smile
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  • I just moved to Fort Bragg area. I am 16 weeks pregnant and wanted SO badly to have a natural water birth. NO ONE in the Fayetteville area does water births.. It's kinda a bummer because I've had my mind set on that for awhile! Anyway, I am going to Highland OB/GYN and doing my pregnancy and labor/delivery with a Midwife at Cape Fear!! 
  • Have you checked out Monarch Midwifery? They do home births and offer the option of a water birt, but it would be a home water birth (not at a hospital). 



  • I was going to say Monarch, and I believe a place in Sanford has birthing pools. I haven't personally used either but know others that have given birth at Sanford or ha a home birth here. I had a hospital birth in 2011 hope to have a water birth next time.
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