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12 month appetite???

ok I have two separate questions....


#1- My sons appetite has started to change... Sometimes he wont really eat much for two or three meals in a row but then all of a sudden he eats everything in sight in one meal and screams for more.... Is this normal?? 


#2-  My son seems to be done eating sometimes and gets fussy but then when i get him out of the high chair, ten minutes later hes coming to me bc he wants food.... I am thinking that he just wasn't a fan of what i gave him bc i gave him an additional fruit and he wanted another helping of it after that... This is just a trial and error thing i guess, right?

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Re: 12 month appetite???

  • From my understanding from the baby nutrition seminar I went to a while back, it's normal for their appetite to go down after 12 months. They aren't growing as rapidly as during the baby months, so they need less food.

    It's entirely possible that your LO just didn't like what was for dinner. Perhaps they think if they come back later that they can get what they actually wanted to eat. The baby nutritionist suggested avoiding unplanned snack time. If DS doesn't eat dinner because he didn't like it, he will get food at breakfast. It helps them learn to eat what's in front of them rather than fill up on snacks. A young child won't willingly starve themselves, so they will eventually eat what's in front of them.
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  • Could he be full on milk/juice/water and not want to eat right away and then later realize he is hungry?

    My little girl doesn't really like to eat in her high chair. She will eat a little and then start to play so I take her out but then she comes around trying to eat off my plate - we only recently got a high chair and before that I would just feed her off my plate so I think part of it is because of that, another thing I think is that she prefers me to be involved in feeding her and I know (mommy fail) that sometimes when eating dinner, now that we have the high chair I put her in there and let her do her own thing (bc lets face it, its nice eating a warm meal!) instead of trying to help her and paying reall attention to her while she is eating.

    IDK if that helps or not... but good luck!

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