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Crooked Butt Crack

So I noticed that Liam has a crooked butt crack. It starts to curve at the top. I was wondering if anyone else has this? Yesterday I brought it up with his pedi at his 6 month check up and she is refering us to a specialist. She said that she doesn't seem too concerned because he is in perfect alignment and he moves his legs evenly. The reason she is referring us is because along with the crooked crack he also has a dimple on the inner right side of his crack. We knew about this since birth and it was never an issue since his pedi was able to see the base of the dimple. She is also concered because along the curve is a white patch. It's not lumpy or anything but clearly a different shade than the rest of his skin.

I am scared and nervous because we are being referred to a children's hospital where he will have to get an mri. I am praying it's nothing serious but I can't help but worry. Just wondering if any moms have seen this in any of their children?
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Re: Crooked Butt Crack

  • Tucker has a crooked crack at the top- I've always just laughed at it, maybe I need to tell his pedi.  I hope everything will be okay with your Lo!!! 

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  • Hmm I am not sure about the crooked situation but my lo also has a dimple about 2 inches above her actual but hole.  I remember the doctor saying sometimes this can be a symptom of "xyz" but I don't remember what the xyz was SORRY!! 

    The dimple was not that deep so she was not worried.  

    Sometimes its better to be safe then sorry and get it checked, so try not to over worry yet (I know easier said then done!)

    Good Luck! 

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  • image cwm11985:

    Tucker has a crooked crack at the top- I've always just laughed at it, maybe I need to tell his pedi.  I hope everything will be okay with your Lo!!! 

    Hmmm, it probably wouldn't hurt to have his pedi check it out at his next appointment just in case. I am hoping Liam's is just "character" and nothing more.

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    LO doesn't have this but I bave a crooked butt crack. My whole life it's just been a joke people make fun of me about. However I read that dimple is a concern because it could be a sign that area is fused to the spine. Good luck, t ps. I think you will be fine.

    Sorry to hear they make fun of you but glad it was nothing serious for you. Yeah the combination of dimple, crooked crack, and white patch is a little alarming. Thank you for the t and p, they are much appreciated!
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  • Someone at work's daughter at a similar situation (crooked crack w/ dimple).  She brought it up and everyone thought is was kind of comical including her because her pedi told her there was nothing to worry about.  She switched pedi's because the original had health issues and unexpectedly retired.  At her next well visit the new pedi did recommend getting a scan of some sort to ensure that everything was as should be.  In the end nothing was wrong and she was happy that she got it checked out to make sure.

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