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Hi!  I mostly lurke on here but I have a question concerning feedings.  My DD was born at 35 w 5 d and spent 17 days in the NICU.  I had been pumping, however, my supply has drastically dropped off and I cannot keep up with her feeding.  That said, we are now formula 100 percent.  She had been taking anywhere from 50-70 mLs of milk but now she takes between 30-6o mLs.  I just want to make sure she is still growing and it worries me that she is not taking as much from the formula bottles.  We are using neosure.  Any advice would help, I owould love to see her increase her amount again!  I

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  • Maybe because of the calorie difference?  I believe breast milk is 20 cal per ounce and Neosure is 22 cal per ounce (all other formula is 20 cal).  That might be part of it.  My babies are still on 22 cal recipe for formula and they don't eat the same quantity as others their age.  Maybe have weight checks done once a week or something at your pedi?
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  • Like the other PP said it could be becuase of the difference in calories. Is your LO still having several wet diapers a day? If you are concerned, you can always call your pedi and also request a weight check.
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