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Post partum mama cloth

How many heavy, medium, and light would I need for pp? I usually use my diva cup but want on get thru post partum.

Re: Post partum mama cloth

  • Personally, it was lots of heavy for me, until somewhere around week 2. I would go through quite a few of these though. I found that the first 2 weeks were the roughest. Then it went to mediums for about 2 more weeks and I noticed I could last a bit longer without a wash. Now i'm 5 weeks PP and am currently on lights. GL! 

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  • It was the same for me. Then after week 6 a did a herbal vaginal steam to help cleanse the uterus . AND WOW, it helped a lot. Look up vaginal steams or Herbal female steams. Some spas and  acupuncture fertility clinics are starting to offer them.  You can also do them at home but they are kinda tricky to do for yourself, unless your man is a carpenter and can make you a chair! They are great to do post partum!
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  • I was wondering this, too!

    On a side note, I was recently told that massaging a small amount of castor oil on your belly PP can seriously help your uterus heal and decrease bleeding time! 

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