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Mom photographers- Tips for smash cake session

My son turns 1 next week and I am doing his smash cake session. This is my FIRST time doing a smash cake session. Any mom photographers out there have any tips ?? I have the backdrop -(white seamless paper), and some props. I am debating about getting plexi-glass to lay down under cake and my son. If you have any pics of your son/daughters smash cake session feel free to post!! 
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Re: Mom photographers- Tips for smash cake session

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    I made the mistake of doing my ds's cake smash at his bday party. While it was fun for the guests my pics got all screwed up. People were snapping pics with their cell phones so the flash was screwing up my pics. I have a cannon t2i and it takes amazing pics but I only got a handful that came out good. Also my ds was very distracted with everyone standing around staring at him so he was very timid about getting into the cake. For the background I used green and blue streamers taped to the wall, it looked very cute. I had a pale green sheet down and the bath ready once he was done. Good luck!
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  • I haven't done it myself, this tip came from the photographer that took my first son's 1-year old pictures: don't use chocolate or red velvet, and don't use chocolate or red icing. I've actually seen some pics of chocolate cake smashes around TB and it always looks like poop. I've seen red ones too and they look super gory.

    On the other hand I've seen blue icing on white cake and it looked really good - enough contrast and color to be pretty but didn't make your child look like s/he is covered in the doo doo. Wink

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  • I don't have any tips, but here is a shot of my DDs from this weekend.  I really like the added effect of the plexiglass.  My photographer told me not to get any mylar balloons or any balloons with writing.  If you are buying a cake, make sure they put it on cardboard and not straight onto the plastic tray.  I had some trouble transferring and wasn't able to center the cake on the cake stand.  I forgot a candle, make sure you have one if you want one.



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  • Agreed with the PP, don't go with chocolate or red velvet.

    I went with marble and white frosting with purple accents.

    Get someone to take a digital video as well as take photos.  The look on my daughter's face when she realized that the cake tasted good was priceless.  You might miss that with a camera.

    Also, put a hat or crown on him if you want.  I made a crown for my daughter.  She never wears bows or hats and usually takes them off right away.  She was so distracted by the cake, the crown actually stayed on for 90% of the time..  It made for some really cute pictures. 

    Make sure anything he's wearing you will want to peal off him.  We striped my daughter down to her diaper.  She had cake all the way to her knees by the time she was done.  It was in her hair, nose, ears, on her diaper, stomach, all over. 



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