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Feeling like a crappy parent...

Cason's teacher (he's in a 3 yr old, 3 day a week program) pulled me aside today and told me she is really having to crack down on him these last few months, or he won't be ready to go into the 4 year old class next year. Apparently, he doesn't walk in line well or sit in circle time for group activities well. She said he is easilly distracted and lays down on the floor and doesn't pay attention during group.

Also, he is still having a hard time drinking from a regular cup. He has had a few choking incidents and I think it has freaked him out and now he's scared to use the regular cup, so he sometimes has a tantrum at school when he doesn't want to use the cup.

He is one of the youngest in the class, but I still feel crap. I'm not sure how to work with him at home on getting him to participate in group activities and not be so distracted and pay attention. Any ideas?

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Re: Feeling like a crappy parent...

  • Being one of the youngest in the class is a HUGE deal at that age. Now that you know some of the skills he needs to work on just practice them at home. At that age a lot of what she is experiencing is developmental and will click. No stress momma! 

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  • Bailey is the youngest in his class too. There is definitely a difference between him and the older kids but he's my shy, quiet one. The things you describe are a lot of what I see in Bailey's class especially the boys. I would just keep talking to him and maybe take him to some group things yourself like story time or something if you can.

     For the cups, go to Ikea to get cups. They have these little plastic cups that come 4 in a pack. They are perfect for tiny hands and learning to drink from a cup. I got like 3 packs and ditched all the sippy cups so the boys had no choice.  

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  • You aren't a crappy mom!  Being the youngest has a lot to do with it, but also, kids just develop that their own pace.  It's nothing you are doing wrong. 

    The only thing I would even try to work on is the cups.  I like the ikea cups too, but what about maybe some of the small paper cups, like the ones that you keep by the bathroom sink to rinse your mouth out.  Maybe those would be less intimidating.

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