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Katy area - new 1st time mommy, just moved

We just moved to Katy in Sept. 2012 near Katy Mills and had a baby boy on Dec. 20, 2012. I was hoping to meet/chat with other moms in the area. I plan to sign up for mommy and me/gymboree classes at some point (I believe they start after 6 weeks). Still getting used to the baby routines and staying at home while my husband works.

Anyone else in Katy looking for new friends, chat/advice, and future play dates?

Re: Katy area - new 1st time mommy, just moved

  • My daughter was born on 12/20/12 as well! I'm closer to the cypress area though and will be going back to work in about a month. Starting in June I will be a sahm though! Looking forward to it but definitely will be looking for other moms to meet up with for play dates and things.
  • im also due in july i live in katy and work close to katy mills im also looking for some mommy's to meet .
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  • I'm due in July. We live by Katy Mills as well, in Firethorne. My husband and I grew up here and moved back last year to start out family. How are you liking the area?
  • We looked into Firethorne and were close to building a home there but then found one we liked in Grayson Lakes. We love the area. My husband works for Mustang so his commute is minimal. I love walking around Katy Mills with the stroller and there seem to be a lot of good schools around. I work for NASA doing education/public outreach. My maternity leave isn't over yet, but I know I can't go back full time...especially not with this long of a drive! Maybe I can do some work from home...otherwise, I'll have to completely quit. I can't imagine leaving my son at day care. Though it is hard adjusting to staying at home and not knowing anyone here. It is nice having these mommy boards to interact with other moms :) 
  • I'm due in late August and live in Katy as well. I still consider myself new to Texas (been here 2 years) but still getting to know the area and trying to meet people. My husband is a football coach and teacher at a Katy high school but most of his close coworkers have older children. Looking for new mommies and mommies to be to chat with. Also, my family is trying to throw me a baby shower here (I am from Louisiana) but since no one is from here they are having a hard time finding a venue and planning. Any ideas on where to direct them for venues? They are really just looking for a location. They would like to make/bring their own food and decorations. Thanks
  • Let me think on that and see if anyone I know knows of a good place. Everything that comes to mind right now are restaurants.


    JulieandPhil: I can't imagine making that commute down to NASA. Hopefully they will be flexible, working from home sounds like a good compromise. My baby isn't here yet, I plan to go back to work but I'm sure it's going to be hard. And I love the Grayson lakes aea. There's so much developing in the area, we get excited everytime contruction begins on a new corner :)

  • Uh, Julie. I believe I met you the other day at the Katy Mills Mall? Maybe? If not, I met another Julie from Firethorne.

    If so, this is truly a small world.


  • What about a room at one of the country clubs?
  • I live by Katy mills but I'm not due until November. We are always looking for new friends!
  • Hi, I just noticed you posted this...they don't send notifications if someone replies to your posts :) 

     I'm not the Julie from Firethorne...I'm in Grayson Lakes. Though my husband and I did look into Firethorne at one stage.

    Anyway, I do frequent the Katy Mills Mall a lot. Hopefully we will meet there sometime :)


  • Hi, 

    Thanks for responding...though I apologize it's been so long and they don't send notifications when someone responds to your posts so I clearly hadn't been checking very often :P

     I ended up officially leaving work. The commute was brutal when I was 6-8 months pregnant. I even tried going back working from home but it wasn't really possible. My mind turned to mush between the awkward sleep schedules and constant attention on baby, I just couldn't handle it and I wasn't really giving 100% to my job. That and budget cuts led me to make the decision to quit so someone else wouldn't lose their job. Being a stay at home mommy is a lot more involved than I previously gave it credit. I have so much more respect than I used to (though I always respected SAH moms).  


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