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Pediatrician in Clear Lake

I'm only 13 wks but I wanted to start looking for a pediatrician. Does anyone have a recommendation for one in the CL area?

Re: Pediatrician in Clear Lake

  • I use Pearland Pediatrics. they're right at 518 and Scarsdale.i like them and if you are planning on delivering at Women's Hospital they have privileges there. 
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  • That is where I'll be delivering! Thanks for the recommendation.
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  • i use Dr. O from Pearland also. I moved there when my son was 6 mths old because I had alot of issues with my first dr. They are wonderful.
  • Dr. Gordon Bellah. He's wonderful and we never have to wait long to see him. He's next door to St John's Hospital.

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    We've been happy with Bay Area Pediatrics.  They're at 270 and Medical Center Blvd.
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  • I take my LO to dr. Khalia at Nassau Bay pediatrics. The office is at the corner of e. medical center blvd and hwy 3. I love her! She is always understanding and calms my fears. She doesn't like to go off statistics and charts. She asked many questions about our family and bases our daughter's physical progress on us. (We are all small people). 
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  • I would also like to add that the longest I have had to wait to see the doctor was 15 minutes. And that time we were walk-ins because the baby was sick. Yesterday we showed up 25 minutes early and we were finished 10 minutes after our appointment time.
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  • I have been happy with all of the Drs. at Bay Area Pediatrics. We see Dr. Suzanne Condron or Dr. Keri Farmer. Both are wonderful and are moms, which makes a huge difference.
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