is anyone taking 17OHPC?

My doctor suggested I start this treatment, but i'm not too sure abou it. I first pregnancy I had my DS at 35 1/2 weeks. He was fine and did not need to go to the NICU.  She wants me to start this treatment at 20 weeks.




Re: is anyone taking 17OHPC?

  • Do you mean the 17-p shot designed to prevent preterm labor? I had it weekly from 16 to 36 weeks this past pregnancy and it worked great.
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  • Another firm believer in the 17p shots. I took them from 16 weeks through 34 weeks ( I delivered at 34w 5d).



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  • We just found out today that we are approved for weekly 17P/ 17 OHPC shots. I'll start them next week at 16 weeks pregnant and will take them hopefully until I reach 36 weeks. I went into labor at 26 and delivered at 27 wks last time around so we'll see.

    Our insurance approved them for 100% - so no copay or deductible. 

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  • I'm on them right now.  The research is pretty good and there are really no negative side effects from them.  I don't think it can hurt, especially if your dr wants you to have them.
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  • I am getting the weekly shots right now.  My first son was born at 34.5 weeks. Hoping to get to full term this time around.

    I've had no side effects except the injection spot is usually sore for a few days after injection.  I definitely would recommend receiving the shot.

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  • I had them with my last pg from wk 16 - 36.  Made it to 39wks.  I still had difficulties and my butt was so sore from the shots but totally worth it for a full term baby.


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