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Albany OB/GYN recommendation

I just moved to the area and need a new OB/GYN.  I'm looking for a doctor who is supportive of natural birth and who delivers at St. Peter's, since it looks to be the closest hospital to us, and I tend to have very quick labors!

Any recommendations?  

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Re: Albany OB/GYN recommendation

  • Congratulations!

    I'm not sure of any OBGYN in that specific area sorry! But if you're very interested in a natural birth and have little complications you may want to choose a midwife over an OB...just a thought! I hope my suggestion does not offend you!

    Good luck with your search!


  • Upstate OBGYN is great and delivers at St. Peters. 
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  • We live in Alb and this is our first. I haven't been to my first OB appt yet but I see Dr. Dropkin. He's been my GYN since I moved to the area and I like him. He definitely delivers at St. Peter's which is where we plan to deliver. I can't speak on the natural birth piece but could ask questions at my appointment next week and get back to you.
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  • I agree, upstate is amazing.  I'm using them again for my 2nd child.  Check them out, they're over on Washington Ave.
  • Another vote for Upstate...great office and doctors.  St. Peter's was wonderful, too!
  • I used Albany OBGYN ( and they were fantastic. Very supportive of my natural birth, I pushed for over 3 hours and my doc was perfectly happy with that. Their offices are right across from St. Peters.

    Also - I cannot say enough good things about the care that I rec'd at St. Peter's.  

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