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Thermometer Recommendation

Can you recommend your thermometer?  Took DD to the doctor today and was a little embarrassed when I couldn't tell them what her temp was over the weekend because our most accurate that we had in house was rectal - which doesn't work very well with a three year old!

I'm in between an ear or temporal thermometer.  Thanks!

Re: Thermometer Recommendation

  • We have a digital one that you swipe across the forehead and it works wonderfully and is right on the number from what we have seen.
    Jenni Mom to DD#1 - 6-16-06 DD#2 - 3-13-08 
  • Exergen Temporal Scanner-around $50 but worth the money. After buying several less expensive thermometers that would lose their accuracy I bought this 2 yr ago and it works well.
    Mommy of two girls: DD1 4/14/9 DD2 4/15/11
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  • This is what I finally bought after several less expensive ones that were all over.  I am much happier with the temporal scanner.
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