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Tantrums are funny?

DS threw what was probably his most epic tantrum to date yesterday. He was whining at DH to give him something and DH asked him to stop whining and ask nicely and then he totally lost it. He ran off stomping his feet and prancing around, spinning in circles, waving his arms and screaming. Then he came back over to cry and stamp his feet in front of DH. We are horrible parents or something because we were in hysterics. I was hiding behind my iPad laughing and DH was hiding his face laughing. Just the level of DRAMA was too funny to us. Does anyone else find their kids tantrums funny? I mean it would probably be a lot less funny in public I'm guessing.

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Re: Tantrums are funny?

  • All.the.time.

    DD throws tantrums pretty regularly and she's learned a technique where when she lays down, she feels if she's on the hard wood or carpet to gauge how hard to lay her head down. 

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  • Oh gosh, yes, you said it perfectly, the DRAMA is just too much. My favorite is when DS is told no or whatever, then he just kind of collapses in place like it is too much to bear.
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  • we've only had a handful of terrible tantrums, but yeah, they were mostly in public - so not that funny. 

    The first epic one in a very long time was over who got to sit on a stool at a bowling alley party in October.  It got so insane we actually had to leave - and walk through the mall with her screaming like a banshee.  And, then she started throwing everything else in that she wanted to be upset about - her pink jacket on/off, not the pink jacket, she didn't have any chocolate milk, etc., etc.  It was soooo awful.

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  • Yes, we used to call D1 tantrums "praying to allah" because after the first time she threw her self on the ground, she got smart (because it hurt) and she would slowly lower herself onto the floor, get on her knees and then put her head to the ground with her arms straight out above her head.  And then she would do a low cry.

    D2 is going to give us a bit more trouble.  She loves to play in the cat's water.  Well, DH caught her just before she got her hands in there and D2 jumped, because he startled her, and then started stomping her feet and shaking her arms because she was mad she had been caught.  We just cracked up.  I"m sure we won't be laughing soon though.


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  • Oh yeah they are hilarious for sure. I actually like to videotape them in my iPhone or iPad and show them to her as a learning experience. "Is Sydney being a good listener here?" And she gives me this little smile and says no. Then she asks to watch it again and again.
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  • Most of the time I do find them funny. Sometimes I am super tired and it's not amusing, but DS loves to do exactly what yours does SK and then if I am not giving in to his demand he will run up to me and if he can reah my face, grab it with both hands and scream.  The look on his face makes me laugh out loud every time.  Sometimes I feel that laughing is the only way to stay sane through those times.

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  • Yes!! I'm probably awful because I will start laughing and then it makes her laugh and she stops her tantrums. She's all drama with her tantrums. Her latest ones involve flailing herself to the floor and using her feet to turn herself in a circle while on her back.
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