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If your home is more than 1 level...(and other ??s)

how much access does LO have throughout the day?

I'm realizing from reading the posts I may be hindering LO's independence. However, with a newborn that I nurse quite frequently I feel a smaller area that is just about 100% babyproof makes for an easier day as a SAHM (I add that part just because we can be in this house the entire day some days). But now that he is the big TWO (Oh- Emm- Gee) maybe I should consider opening things up a bit. What's your setup like?

Also, does LO have access to your dining room or kitchen table and chairs at all times? Have you been able to teach him/her not to climb on them and climb onto the table? Or counters? We've removed all dining room chairs but I want to bring them out again and teach him. Maybe I'm lazy at teaching and therefore my son is not getting the proper life learning skills he needs (LOL)!

This post turned into a lot more than just the space issue...sorry!

AND I should add today JT turned 2. We had a party here at my house and had a whole bunch of family and it worked out perfect. I didn't have to say "No, JT we don't go in the restaurant kitchen. No, JT we aren't going to go in and out of the restaurant. No, JT etc. etc." AND ALSO...he peed in the potty for the first time with my mom! I put him on sporadically and get just a cute little bottom sittin' and chillin'...my mom got pee!!! So cool. Now what? I wonder if this means it's time to train. I don't even know what that means! AAAGGHHH so cool! 

Re: If your home is more than 1 level...(and other ??s)

  • Whitney is mostly gated in the living room through out the day, our house is a tri level.   Its the only room that is 100% baby proofed, so if you are holding JT back, so am i. lol.   If i let her into the kitchen, she is ransacking the cabinets. Which, that is fine, unless I am trying to cook and cant keep a close eye on her. One day she dumped salt every where.  In the dining room, she will imediantly climb the chairs or she wants to get on the computer.  I keep her busy in her space, and sometimes we play in her room, but rarely.

    Congrats on having a 2 yr old!! We had Whitneys party yesterday at the house as well and it was pretty nice. I am still tired though, man is it a lot of work, even for just 20 ppl!

    As for going pee pee on the potty- we started this journey maybe a month ago, and its a slow go. I would say about 75% she will actually go on the potty when she tells me she has to go 25% she will go on the floor.  I think its just too soon for her, and I will keep working with her. Its crazy how fast this came up, isnt it?   Its a little tricky because sometimes when she says "I go potty!" i swear she just wants to run around with her diaper off. lol

    Good luck, lots going on with this toddlers, whew!!

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  • My kids don't have access to the second floor. They have unlimited access to the main floor/finished basement though.

    Neither one of my kids climb on the kitchen table since we have a climber/slide in our finished basement (which also serves as their playroom). If you have the space for it I would definitely recommend it to deter LO from climbing inappropriate things.

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  • We live in a bi-level, so our upstairs is where all of our living space is including bedrooms.  She has access to everything on that level.  We just have a gate at the top of the steps.  DD won't climb on the table but she will dump salt/pepper on the table.  Thankfully our house is smaller so from the living room I can see into the kitchen where the table is, and I can hear what is going on down the hall where the bedrooms & bathrooms are.  It would be impossible to have one area sectioned off and babyproofed. 

    As far as going on the potty.  Over the last few months we'd have a week or a few days where she would show interest in going on the potty once a day, but then she loses interest.  So, I don't think she is ready yet.  Santa brought her underwear, and she really wanted to wear them...over her clothes! :/




  • Total access to house expect office and our bedroom. Bathroom was off limits but now that my oldest 3 years old is potty trained the door has to be open. He has never climbed table or on counters but does stand up on chairs sometimes, then I tell him to sit on his bottom or he is getting down. If he continue standing I take him off chair where he has a huge fit. But after taking him down a few times he really doesn't do it any more.

    I used to gate the hallway leading to half of house but that's where their bedroom is so I stopped. We toddler proof the kitchen, lock on oven, door knob lock on pantry, cupboards.
  • Kain has free run of the house, but he does not take advantage of it.   He will not go upstairs alone, and he will climb up the stairs himself but he does not like to come down them by himself so I do not encourage him to and usually pick him up.  Our bedrooms are upstairs, and the living space is down.  We have a dining room table, a kitchen table and 2 bar stools at the island.  He climbs into them and sits at the table, but does not stand or try to get on the table.  He is just not a risk taker!

     We started asking Kain if he wanted to use the toilet about 2 months ago, somedays he shows interest other days he wants nothing to do with it. So until he wants to use it more regularly we probably wont try potty training too much.  

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  • We have a 1 1/2 story house and DS has free run of the house pretty much.  Downstairs is our living space and two bedrooms.  Upstairs is the playroom/daycare room and his soon to be "BIG" boy room.  The only things gated off are the office and upstairs bathroom.  He does very well following directions and staying out of the rooms he shouldn't be in.

    I only ever gated off the bathroom and the top of the stairs.  We've been working on the "Don't . . ." since he could walk.  Keeping him off the table and chairs took a while, especially when he first learned to climb.

    His birthday is tomorrow and his party will be on Saturday.  Grandma and Grandpa bought him a twin bed.  He's excited to move upstairs, I think. 

  • We have a cape cod style house.  DD has access to the first floor with the exception of the bathroom (which will change once she's more interested in the potty) and the 1st floor bedroom (but only because she likes to lock herself in there and take all of my shoes out of the closet).  The bathroom and first floor bedroom have those plastic things on the door knobs and she hasn't figured out how to turn them yet.  She does climb on the dining room chairs, but usually listens when we tell her to sit down.  We have a gate on the stairs and a lock on the basement door.
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  • We have a two story home...all our bedrooms are upstairs and the master and "kids" bathroom.  Downstairs we have the kitchen, living room, laundry, and bathroom. 

    We spend most of our day downstairs.  All of the rooms that the kids shouldn't be in on their own (laundry, bathroom) have those plastic things on the door knob to keep the kids out.  Otherwise, they have the run of the lower level. 

    My DD, though, will sometimes decide she wants to go upstairs.  (I think it's mostly because her little brother can't go up there.)  I let her go knowing that the bathroom and master bedroom also have those plastic door things.  So all she can do is go into her  and her brother's room.  All of the toys are downstairs and the dressers are screwed to the walls, so I know she can't get into any real trouble. She usually gets bored in a few minutes and comes back down to play with us. 


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