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Hair care product for African-American infant

Can anyone recommend hair products to use on African-American infants hair that has a course texture? II'm having a hard time keep my daughter's hair moisturizer unless it's in braids or plaits. I have tried using Curlz but it's not really helping. Thanks. 


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Re: Hair care product for African-American infant

  • Dampen hair then add coconut oil then comb or brush. The water is key. I add it day and night. I think jojoba or olive oil would work too but I like the smell of coconuts.
  • This!  Also Carols Daughter is great and organic. Little Green is a great organic leave in and detangler that works great.Its a spray and you can probably find it on Amazon or somewhere online.  I am a children's hairstylist in NYC and have a ton of experience with many products. The key is moisture and conditioning the hair and scalp. Many products have drying agents that strip the moisture and make the hair dry and hard to handle. 

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  • Hi here is a list of products you may want to try.

    Miss Jessie?s Baby Buttercream ($9, moisturizes dry, tangled, hard to comb and unruly curls.

    Bella Bee Be Gone Cradle Cap Baby Shampoo ($8, is an all-organic cleanser that helps moisturize ?cradle cap,? or the dry, flaky area on top of an infant?s head.

    Curly Q?s Coconut Cream Moisturizing Conditioner ($14, is formulated to hydrate and nourish curly, kinky, and coily locks?and it leaves hair feeling and looking, well, baby-soft

    Suave for Kids Awesome Apple Detangling Spray Conditioner ($2, eliminates knots and baby bedhead in wet or dry hair

    It?s a Curl Itsy Bitsy Spirals Baby Curl Moisturizer ($10, is no less than a miracle worker. On dry hair, this lightweight hairdress moisturizes dry locks and helps revive fuzzy curls?and on wet hair, it?s a fabulous detangler and shine-enhancer.

    California Baby Calendula Aromatherapy Shampoo & Bodywash ($11.49, contains a generous amount of all-natural calendula, which has been used to soothe and heal skin for centuries. This shampoo/body wash not only smells terrific, but the calendula acts as a mild astringent, which soothes dermatitis, eczema and cradle cap. Your little one?s hair will be glossier than ever!

    Hubba Bubba

    BioSilk Kids Bubblegum Bubbles Hair Shampoo & Conditioner ($17.99, is perfect for girls with long hair ? plus it detangles and softens, and smells like bubble gum!

    Magic Moisturizer

    Nature?s Natural Carrot Hair Oil ($8.95, is blended with all-natural essential oils. Just the thing to moisturize your baby?s scalp and curls.

    Blended with 100% all-natural vitamins, minerals, & herbs Beauty 4 Ashes Baby Follicle Food ($25, is specifically formulated to keep African American kids? and babies? scalps healthy?which, in turn, helps promote glossy strands and healthy hair growth.

    If your child?s hair is super-dry, try Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner with comb ($32, You won?t need a shampoo (which can be drying), this formula cleanses and conditions!

    Carol?s Daughter Hair Milk ($12, is a modern classic for African American babies and kids. Blended with scalp-stimulating lemongrass and moisturizing sweet almond oil, this all-natural leave-in conditioner gives your baby?s hair instant luster, bounce, and curl definition

    Pure, 100% organic coconut oil is a fabulous scalp moisturizer for your little one (we like Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil, $3.98, To prevent flakes and encourage hair growth, apply a tiny amount of coconut oil to your baby?s scalp, daily. Also, if your bundle of joy is suffering from extreme cradle cap, massage some oil into his scalp, let it sit for fifteen minutes, and then run a fine-tooth baby comb through his hair. The flakes will come up easily.

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  • I like LIV moisturizing creme. I get it from the oriental hair store around the corner from my house, it is a light formula but makes the hair soft, and manageable.
    Dior Nicole
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  • I have very dry hair and have found that using a no-poo has helped tremendously with the dryness factor and limiting breakage. I use DevaCurl but I wonder if there is a brand out there for little ones? Or perhaps you could google a good recipe and make your own? Warm olive oil and/or avocado treatments prior to no-pooing, leaving in my conditioner (whether it's officially a leave in or not) and daily moisturizing also help tremendously. Parts of my hair routine comes from the book Curly Like Me which has some great tips for working with children's hair and helping them to realize the astonishing beauty in their texture that society doesn't always support. Wishing you and your little cutie the best!
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