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Willowbrook OB/GYN

Would like to find a good doc in area and that also delivers in Methodist Willowbrook .
Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Thompson at Methodist ?


Re: Willowbrook OB/GYN

  • My OB/GYN is Dr. Michelle Barcio; she is located in the Willowbrook area and delivers at the Methodist Hospital.
  • I have not. However, my current doctor is Dr. Marlon White with NW Women's and he delivers to Methodist.

    I just moved to TX a year ago and became pregnant over the summer. He's been a great doctor!

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  • My initial OB/GYN for my pregnancy was Dr McGuirk at NW Womens Center (same practice as Dr White mentioned earlier). He's a great doc and delivers at Methodist Willowbrook, I've heard good things about almost all the docs and the midwife at NW Womens, however . . . 

     I went into pre-term labor at 26 weeks and was admitted into Methodist Willowbrook and was transferred a few days later as they didn't have the resources to deal with the complications that could arise. I recommend seeing a doctor that delivers at Mem Hermann or TX Children's both in the med center. both those hospitals can handle more complications than Methodist Willowbrook.

    Also, there's a Dr. Bruce there who seems to lay out the worst possible scenario as the most likely outcome. She recommended that a friend of mine terminate her pregnancy based on something she saw on the ultrasound. The baby is now 11 months old and the picture of health. She saw me when I was in Methodist Willowbrook and told me that I would be giving birth within the next few days and wouldn't be able to ever feed himself, lift his head, speak, walk, would be in NICU for 3 months. Her best possible scenario was that I stay in the hospital for 3 months on bedrest. I was then transferred to Mem Hermann and put on modified bed rest at home (more like house arrest than bed rest) I was pregnant for 10 weeks after that, my baby didn't spend a second in the NICU and is now a month old and doing everything a one month old should do.

     In summation, Dr McGuirk is highly recommended as are most of the docs at NW Womens, but I'd give more thought to delivering at Methodist Willowbrook. 

  • Awesome ! NW women it is, made my appt. today:

    Thank you all,
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