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Is there anyone out there in Fairbanks?!

I'm an Army wife looking to make friends with other moms or soon-to-be moms like myself in or near Fairbanks/Ft. Wainwright. I have 2 friends that I barely talk to, one is another Army wife with a new born and the other friend has no kids. I have no job although I volunteer 2-4 days/week at the ASYMCA thrift store on post but other than that I stay at home with our two dogs. It gets lonely being a house wife all the time, I need ot find other moms to hang out with lol

Re: Is there anyone out there in Fairbanks?!

  • Im in fairbanks!!! Im ready to have my first baby, im a stay at home wife and its too cold here to try and go out and make friends lol im 20 yrs old and husband is also in the army
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  • I'm also in Fairbanks :) Also a stay at home wife, husband is not in the army though, hes from New Zealand and is an IT manager for a local company.

    Actually lived in New Zealand for a year, and moved back here in June, and found out I was prego lol.

    I'm 22, and actually due next Wednesday (Feb 13) but no signs of baby coming as of yet. Aside from being 2cm dilated last week.

    Lived here all my life, so I am used to the cold lol, but have not been getting out all that much the last month or 2 while I have been pregnant.

    We live right in town, fairly close to the hospital which is handy!

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  • I'm in Fairbanks ! How's everyone doing?
  • I'm in Fairbanks, too.  I have an almost four year old and an almost one year old.
  • I'm in Fairbanks and I am due first week of January (we think). We have been up here since 2001. I was in the Army and Ft. Wainwright was my last duty station and needless to say we are still up here. This will be # 5 for us. 
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