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Donating toys/clothes

Donating Toy/Clothes

For those of you who donate things your LO have outgrown or don't use anymore have you considered donating it to your DC center? I know our DC is always super appreciative of donations 

About half of the things I get rid of go to the center where I work. The kids there are rough on the toys so it is always nice to be able to get rid of the old ones. Also, you wouldn't believe how many kids don't bring extra clothes to DC and have to borrow some from the center. I'd guess maybe only 1/3 of the clothes borrowed get returned too.

Just a thought for you ladies. 


Re: Donating toys/clothes

  • G isn't currently at a DC, but I'll keep that in mind next year when we start him in preschool.  Thanks!
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  • I had asked once and they said they weren't currently in need, but I will ask again in the future. Thanks for the reminder!
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  • We just gave P's DC 2 bags of clothes.  There were sleepers for the infants on up to 12 month sized clothes.  They were super happy to get them too!  The infants tend to be, um, messy from the top to the bottom.  lol! And there ARE lots of parents that forget the extra clothes! (Sometimes, we are those parents Wink

     Example of DC prison suit that we had to borrow:


    The toys I hadn't thought of though.  


  • LOL I kinda like the suit!
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