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Experienced moms/dads and parents to be - where did you do your baby registries? I've started two (Buy Buy Baby and The Land of Nod) and was wondering where else you'd recommend looking. Many thanks!
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Re: Baby registry?

  • In the US I did Babies R Us.  I was really easy online; BUT I suggest going to the store at which friends and family are likely to shop at....  most things I picked out online weren't in stock at the store.
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  • I would register at 1-2 "brick and morter" stores that are close to your shower guests- most people like to pick something out in person if they're attending the shower and a lot of people wait until the day before or day of to do their shopping, so wouldn't have time to order something if that's when they find out your items are available on line.  Unless you have a lot of out of town and tech-savvy guests, you might not have many people using the online registry.

    We just did BRU because there was one close to our house and shower guests, and there were also stores near out of town family who wanted to put something in the mail. 

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  • I think you need to know your guests.  We registered on Amazon, as most of our guests are tech savvy, online shoppers.  I have also had really bad experiences as a shower guest of going to BRU or Target and them not having things on the registry.  

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    We did Babies R Us and Target.  We chose those because most of our family isn't tech savvy and most likely wouldn't be shopping online.  Plus, both stores are big chains so we knew that people would have a store nearby wherever they happened to live.

    Same here.  Most of the invites I get the MTB's are registered at these places and sometimes WalMart.

  • Hi, I just (yesterday) joined babylist, online its  

     They let you register for multiple sites in one place.  It's cute, but I can't vouch for them yet, I'll let you know in a few days when I get more experience with it.   Here's the link

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  • Thank you for the suggestions. These are great and make sense!! I know not everyone is an online shopper so it's important for people to be able to get to the place and pick up the gift without so much inconvenience. I would love to hear about babylist. I used something like that for my wedding but I forgot the name. I'm so all over the place it seems and I can't find everything I need and like in one store. So far I've added items at Buy Buy Baby and The Land of Nod (love that one!). I might consider Babies R Us too as that seems to be popular. I've found also pretty cute but not that huge of a selection.
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  • I really liked Pottery Barn Kids for their bedding, and there was a 10% discount for six months after baby's due date. 

    As well, I really liked baby registry.  It is like free shipping if someone buys something off the baby registry.  And most things got to you within 2 business days.

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  • I did babies r us and target. That's all we have down here. I agree that most people shop the day before or day of too, at least around here. So online things would not have worked well
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  • Why not make one at

    It's free, you can add items from any online site, and your family and friends can access it. 

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  • We are doing BRU and
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  • We did Target and  I chose Target over BRU because it seemed like prices were better and there is one located in my town, whereas BRU is 35 minutes away.  I had to do my registries online because I have been on bed rest, but I tried to be mindful of choosing a lot of things that were available in store since I know not everyone shops online.

    We did almost more for ourselves- to get the completion discount and they have some brands that Target did not carry.  We also have lots of far-away relatives who probably will use amazon.  We combined it with a free trial of amazon prime and have already bought some things ourselves off the registry with free, two-day shipping.

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  • We did BBB (loved it) and Target. Target is nothing great, but it was convenient for a lot of guests, especially on DH's side.
  • I did BRU for the convenience of our friends and family, and it was less expensive than BBB.

    I used the Amazon registry for my own conveneince and as it turned out half the gifts were from it worked well for the gift givers too!

    Amazon also has a universal registry that allows you to add items from any other website.  It works reasonably well, however I couldn't add something from Pottery Barn because of the way PB's webpage was set up.  You might be able to add the Land of Nod items there.  Then you could register at BBB as well.

    Amazon registry was awesome.  BRU is just a crappy place to shop.  BBB staff are very helpful but I get the sense they are just telling me what I want to hear to make the sale rather than offering informed, unbiased advice.  But I could be wrong...

    You might want to stick to two registries.  I personally hate when 3 places are included.  And it is just more for you to keep track of.

  • We're doing Amazon and either Target or BRU (most likely BRU).
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  • Glad you posted this! I didn't think I was having a shower until somebody at work told me they're going to throw one. (Aw, sweet). 

    Thanks for the info, ladies :P 

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