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Anyone impacted by the docs at Womencare moving to West Penn?

Anyone out there impacted by the docs at Womencare (Bishop, Alvarado-Regans, Yester, Kridgen) moving to West Penn and not being able to deliver at Magee?  If so, what are you doing?  Following the docs or staying at Magee?
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Re: Anyone impacted by the docs at Womencare moving to West Penn?

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    I had no idea they were doing this, last I heard someone told me that WP wasn't going to do deliveries anymore.
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    I just went to my doctor apt yesterday and they told me.. that kinda worries me alittle!! why did they all leave?? Its just the two male doctors now.. but the nurse said they will hire more women.. but why did they all leave to begin with?

    Ill be staying with Magee as long as nothing is wrong with the hospital now lol I had my son there so Im just comfortable with Magee..

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    I love them. They delivered my son. I was a high risk pregnancy and had a month stay at magees leading up to my induction. Daily, Lebowitz, Yester, Alvarado..all came in my room to check on me and be of moral support as well. Had a positive, healthy delivery thanks to them.  I am considering continuing my future care with them at West Penn. I wonder what happened??
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    Totally bummed by this news!  I am not sure what I am going to do....
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    I don't see this practice of Drs but I have a relative who works at Magee.  It seems this practice gave the mandatory 6 month notice that they would be leaving UPMC as outlined in their contact with UPMC.  Rather than allowing them to work out the 6 months and transition their current patients (especially those very close to delivery) UPMC made them leave...the same day they put in their notice. 

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    I do not use this practice; however, I delivered at West Penn.  I was beyond pleased with the care that I received while I was there, especially since I was in there for days.  If you like your practice/doctors, it may be worth looking into the other hospital.  
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    I am following them to west penn. Thank god I am not currently pregnant. I feel bad for those women, must be freaking out.
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