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Davinci vs. Delta cribs

Any opinions? I like the looks of both, reviews are good on both. I have a feeling DaVinci is the better one but no real reason for that. lol
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Re: Davinci vs. Delta cribs

  • I have two Davinci Emily cribs in espresso, when my oldest was born it was the top rated by consumer reports in our price range. I liked that they came with the toddler rail. My sister's twins and her youngest also have the same cribs in the honey color. 

    My oldest has chewed some of the finish off, but I think that could happen with most cribs. He is a rough sleeper, lots of tossing and turning I think the crib has held up well, we'll be using it for this baby. 

    I don't know anything about delta cribs after reading consumer reports and a few reviews we didn't look any further than the Emily. 

    If you go with a Davinci check Amazon, they frequently run deals (may do other brands too) we bought ds2's crib from them and got half off his mattress.  

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  • I don't really think one is necessarily "better" than the other, except when it comes to what style you like best.  While I liked a lot of DaVinci cribs, we ended up with a Delta for DD because it was a better price.  And the styles were so close, it seemed silly to pay more.  I'm really happy with it and have no complaints. 
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  • Thanks guys :)
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  • We have the Davinci Kalani crib in white for my DD. We have used it at all heights, and now as a toddler bed. It is great, and the white doesn't show the scratches as much as the darker wood. I love it and will be using it for #2.


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  • We're reigstered for the DaVinic Emily. It seemed like the best fit for us.


    CJ 05/29/2013

  • Does anyone have a Davinci Rivington?  I love the look of it but the reviews say it's not exactly white, more of an antique white.  Just wondering how "not quite white" it would be in a nursery. 

    FYI, Baby Bargains says Davinci has pine wood which is prone to marks/damage.  They gave it a B. Delta they give a B-.  I think it's mostly because a few years ago they had to recall some cribs although now it says they've "turned over a new leaf."

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  • We also have a Da Vinci Emily. No complaints.

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