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Trigger Thumb?

We noticed just yesterday that N (22 months) can't straighten her left thumb.  At first we freaked out totally wondering how she could have broken it without us knowing about it... then Google came to help and we found what we think it is - Trigger Thumb.

Basically, her top part of the thumb is at 90 degrees like it is bent to close a fist.  I don't normally put proper gloves on her, just mittens and don't bother seperating her thumb into the thumb place.  But I got her cute gloves yesterday and realilsed when I couldn't get that thumb in right. 

Looking back at photos it is now so obvious.  Yes, we clean her hands every day and dry them but had no "need" to have it straight.  


So, has anyone ever come across this?  What was the outcome?


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Re: Trigger Thumb?

  • DH has a coworker with it. They are surgeons. No ill effects as far as I know. I think it's her left hand though and she's a righty.
  • I recommend taking your little one to see a pediatric orthopedic hand surgeon.  This injury happened to my daughter...  Her doctor described it like a pulley system... swelling in the area prevents the tendon from moving back and forth or in and out of its sheath...  I was told that it had to be corrected as soon as possible, or else it would stay that way forever and would eventually affect normal activities, writing, etc.  Her surgery was considered minor, and it was successful, quick recovery, and her thumb works perfectly now.

    Good Luck!


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  • Sugarbabyluv, thanks for your reply.

    How old was your little girl when it was diagnosed and then operated on?  Was she overnight in hospital?  What was the recovery time and did she have to keep the thumb immobile during this time?  Is there a risk that if she has the surgery that her thumb will then be stuck in the straight position? 

    I know... lots of questions!  We are bringing her to our GP tomorrow and hopefully get a referral then - that's the way things are done here...

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  • This happened to me when I was little. Before the surgery I used to accidentally bump it and it would straighten and hurt like hell, so try not to manipulate it too much. It took my mom 4 years before she noticed and when she asked me I simply told her that it was bent like that a long time. She freaked out at took me for a consultation. I was 6 when I finally had the surgery done. I don't remember any pain. I remember being put under and waking up with my mum staring at me. lol. I believed I spent a couple days at the hospital. I had to go back to get the stitches removed. My finger bends fine now. My handwriting sucks, but I don't think it has anything to do with the problem I had. It has never hampered me in anyway. 
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  • Irish gal, sorry for this late reply.  She was about two years old. One way I knew something was wrong besides the thumb poking straight out was she no longer could move the very tip of her thumb back & forth. It was frozen stiff.  The surgery itself was an incision in the base of the thumb to fix the tendon,  took less than an hour once she was put under. We took her home the same day, her little thumb was bandaged up. She healed & was back to normal within a few weeks. Hope this helps you! 

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