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  • What a beautifully written birth story! Congrats on your LO and happy family.
  • As I was reading your posted and seeing your pictures, I noticed that you delivered in the same hospital I plan on delivering at!  (And as coincidence would have it, I got engaged at the World's Fair Pavilion, super close to your spot at Art Hill!  Go, STL!)


    Congratulations :)

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  • Beautiful story, and I love her name!
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  • Awwww how beautiful and wonderfully written
  • Beautiful! :) Your story made me tear up here. Congratulations on your beautiful girls!
  • loved your story :) it may be my hormones from the pregnancy but it made me cry almost..ive been having growing pains with my DD and her being a big sister after her being my whole world. I feel exactly like u said in your story, im afraid shes gonna grow up in a split second. so glad im not alone. :)
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