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what to expect when you quit nursing?

 What should i be expecting since i just stop breast feeding about 4 days ago? should i be feeling any pain? and also since i have quit nursing how much milk should my little one be getting? he is 11 months?

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  • Why did you stop at 11 months and not 12? I ask because typically WCM is not recommended until baby has hit the 12 month mark. You may want to consider a month of formula until you introduce any kind of dairy...definately check this with your pediatrician if you haven't already. If you have already stopped for 4 days and aren't feeling much pain or dealing with engorgement issues, I would say you're doing great! The recommended amount of milk can vary from doctor to doctor, so I would say that's another question for your ped!

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  • I had to quit bfing at 5 months. I had a little engorgement, but I pumped just enough to relieve it when I had time at work. Not really any problems with pain, though. It took a couple months before I was completely dried up.
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  • Is your baby eating table food?  Eating plenty of baby food if not table food?  If yes then take the 12 month WCM marker with a grain of salt.  There isn't a magic day.  You shouldn't give more than about 24oz per day.  The idea is that by one year baby is getting their main nutrients from food.  If your baby is not eating enough foods for you to consider it a relatively well balanced day of meals then consider formula if your baby is small or otherwise you have a concern.

    ETA: I had no pain when I stopped nursing either time.  I also never had any engorgement.

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  • It's going to be different for everyone.  It could be painful or not, you could become engorged or not, you could get a clogged duct or not... it just depends.  I would just listen to your body and any new aches or pains you get.

    If it's been four days already, it shouldn't be too much longer before you're in the clear.



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  • I have heard 16oz bm or formula minimum, up to about 24oz a day at one year. 

  • If you are on day 4 and are not feeling pain then you are probably good! 
    When I weaned my first it was pure hell! I was engorged and in lots of pain and leaked for DAYS and DAYS.  Then, one day, it just stopped.  I still made drops of milk for almost 6 months though.
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  • It will be unconmfortable, there will be some leaking. try gerber good start gentle. drain the breast less frequently, slowly minize pumping...

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