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I'm going on my first work trip of the year without my LO and am still EBF. I recently learned that TSA does allow you to take breastmilk with you on the plane, which was a huge relief! I'll only be gone overnight, so I'd like to continuously pump while I'm gone and take that entire supply back home with me. 

 For those of you that have done this before, what kind of containers did you keep your breastmilk in? My pump bag only has storage for four 5 oz. containers and an ice pack. I will probably have at least 40 oz.  I already called the hotel to make sure that they have a refridgerator in the room.  

Did you have any problems with TSA? Did you use your pump bag as a carry on? 

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    Your pump is considered medical device so it's not counted as a carry on. You can also have a carry on with you. You just tell TSA you have a breast pump and breast milk with you. No problem at all!
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