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Bad Idea?

I am still trying to find the best wash routine for us!

Given all the buzz over warm rinsing being superior I want to do that. But my machine only has a cold rinse and spin. So I have been doing a warm/warm quick wash with no spin and I noticed the quick wash used a ton of water, much more than the normal or heavy duty cycle I have been using.

So I would like to do w/w quick wash no spin followed by a hot/cold quick wash with an extra rinse. My only concern is that I would be washing them for 55 mins on the second cycle versus the 120 minutes on a heavy duty load.

To combat my concerns of them not getting washed long enough, I was just going to throw some tiny bubbles in the first cycle too. Is there any reason this is a bad Idea?

I normally wash every day and about 1015 in a load.
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Re: Bad Idea?

  • Wow, my whole routine takes about 55 minutes. I think that you could go ahead and play around with adding some detergent. I add about 1/8-1/4 of the scoop of my Tiny Bubbles to my warm prewash, and then add 2 scoops to my hot wash. Adding the little bit of detergent did help with getting my diapers fully clean, but make sure that you aren't adding too much or it could contribute to build up.
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