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Hello all!  I just found out I'm pregnant and my gyno doesn't do OB.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a FEMALE OB in Fairfax?


Thanks so much!! :) 

Re: OB in Fairfax

  • Capital Women's Care is in FX...it's a practice but only two of the six are men and those are my favorites.  They have a great personality and sense of humor.  And you've got a 66% chance of being delivered by a woman....the office in general is great. 


  • I second Capital Women's Care. I've started receiving GYN care from the practice at the age of 15. I recently started seeing the OBs and both that I have met are great. 
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  • Greenbriar OB in Fairfax is great! The practice has 3 women and 1 man. I liked them all!

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  • another greenbriar girl here...love them and I have been through 2 losses and 2 pregnancies with them as well as annuals for years before kids were in the picture
  • Greenbriar, they are located near Fair Oaks Mall.  When I had my first I was at a practice in Centreville, and the office staff were horrible.  I am having a much better experience with my second at Greenbriar. 
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  • I "third" capital women's care!  I had a great experience with my first delivery with them and love Dr. Gina Hibschman.  They are all great there and I'm even really comfortable with the one male doc I saw (and typically prefer women), Dr. Kusik was his name I think?...  
  • I also highly recommend Capital Women's Care!  They are amazing and you really get to know all the doctors before you give birth! My favorite is Dr. Silas.  He truly is compassionate, cares a lot about his patients, takes his time with you and just gives you warm, calming feelings.  Dr. Ivette Couret is also awesome and so is Dr. Dobrzynski.  They also have a lot of locations so you are guaranteed an appointment if you absolutely have to have one.  After being with the same OBGYN for 15 years and then getting pregnant, I had to switch because of insurance.  I was devastated to leave my doctor, but felt right at home with Couret, Silas and Dobrzynski.  
  • I got to Fairfax OBGYN (Gainesville Location) and I absolutely LOVE them!  They have multiple other locations, including Fairfax.  My pregnancy has gotten off to a rough start and they have been great and very proactive.  Anytime I've had an issue they've seen me the same day, usually the first appointment in the morning.  

  • perfectly female in reston..i know it's a little farther than fairfax, but they are wonderful! they also have an office in ashburn.
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