How to use my frozen stash

DD is one month old as of yesterday! I have been using a hand pump about once, sometimes twice a day to keep a small freezer stash in case of emergency or if I need to go out etc... I usually get about 4 or 5oz really easy and fast and I just freeze whatever I pumped no matter how much it measures.

So I now have a freezer of like 10 bags that range from 3oz to 5oz and I don't know the proper way to use it! I've thawed out a 4oz bag and she didn't finish the bottle so I felt like I wasted it!!

Should I maybe just freeze 2oz at a time? I plan on working part time soon and I'm not sure how to properly use my frozen milk.
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Re: How to use my frozen stash

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    At first I froze in BPA free ice cube trays (each cube is 1 oz.) that way I could defrost just what LO needed.  Now I'm freezing in 4oz bags because he takes anywhere from 3 to 4 oz at a time. 

    I like PPs idea of saving your bigger bags until your LO is older and eating more at a time.  If you thaw and make two bottles that's fine too, but be sure to use or toss it after 24 hours from when it's fully thawed.

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    I never pumped or introduced a bottle before 8 weeks so I never needed less than 4oz per bottle.

    But now I sah so I freeze in ice cube trays to use with solids it works well.
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